Sonu Sood is again in Mumbai, simply to satisfy the individuals who have come to wish him on his birthday. Caught up with skilled commitments, he says individuals inform him they offered off their cellphones, coolers and bicycles to make it the town.

“All this makes it a very special day for me. I have never met these people in my entire life. I saved many families, they come just to thank me. That keeps you smiling, that you must have done something right in your life. I am glad God is guiding us, there are miles to go but the journey is still on,” he quips.

Turning 49 immediately, on July 30, he says he prefers to be round his family members, slightly than throw a celebration for the business individuals. “I don’t throw those parties, I am more of a home-body. I am not a party person, I feel a bit lost with so many people around there. A lot of people ask me to throw one, especially on birthdays, but I feel shy. It’s a different feeling. There are two phases of life- one where you are a kid and get really excited about birthdays, lot of attention around you. And now, when I feel stressed, since there are so many people who want to meet me and there’s so much to do,” he shares.

Sood doesn’t miss taking a potshot on the huge fats Bollywood events although. The actor, final seen within the movie Samrat Prithviraj, says, “It’s always nice there, there are a lot of people around. I don’t know how many of them are genuinely excited for the one throwing though, they are there for the sake of it. Some are there genuinely, some just want to be seen, it’s sad. The day is all about your family and the loved ones around you, who you can connect with. These big fat parties, that’s a different clan, and with all due respect, they enjoy, they should do that. Maybe that’s not my cup of tea.”

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