Sonic Frontiers options huge bass battles, and Giganto lives as much as his identify for its showdown with the speedy hedgehog. Fighting is on the forefront within the newest rendition of the beloved platform collection. Sonic Frontiers is full of unique enemies, and difficult bosses known as Titans on the finish of every map. The first space Sonic speeds into is Kronos Island, a lush location filled with ruins and robotic foes. The maps within the recreation are massive and filled with large robots geared towards destroying the red-shoed speedster. The largest of the enemies is Giganto, the primary boss within the recreation and the large dangerous on the finish of Kronos Island.


Kronos Island options mini-bosses and missions main as much as the showdown with Giganto. One of them is Asura, a towering robotic who will give the participant an perception into what’s to come back within the struggle with Giganto. Sonic can struggle Asura early on and learn to climb and assault him to organize for Giganto. The huge distinction is Giganto and all of the Titans in Sonic Frontier are impossible to beat without transforming into Super Sonic. Sonic takes on Giganto in his normal type and is rapidly defeated and knocked out. After Sonic collects all of the Chaos Emeralds, he transforms into Super Sonic and is prepared for his rematch with the Titan. To destroy Giganto, the participant should full A Grave Mystery Puzzle and struggle via phases one and two of the boss battle.

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A Grave Mystery

To get to Giganto, the participant has to resolve the Grave Mystery Puzzle, marked as an Island Mystery on the map. Sonic takes management of black pillars and turns them so the beams overlap over the filth sample. Sonic can management all of the posts by strolling up and hitting the motion button. This puzzle can take time to determine, just like the Owl Puzzle in Gotham Knights.

The image above has 4 pillars numbered 1-4. Start by turning pillar 1 to the one straight subsequent to it that’s barely northwest. Next, flip pillar 4 in direction of the pillar to the east, making a boot form with a line protruding of the toe. Next, transfer pillar three so it’s beaming off the submit diagonal from it and to the south. All pillars join at this level apart from pillar two, and the puzzle ought to seem like the picture above. Move Pillar two to face the pillar to the southwest. Go again to pillar one and switch it to the submit that’s to the north; this could fill within the west aspect of the puzzle. Lastly, head to pillar 4 and transfer it on to the left. Saving time on this puzzle will shorten how long it takes to beat Sonic Frontiers. Completing the puzzle will open up a path to a close-by waterfall the place Sonic can climb to struggle Giganto.

Phase One

Super Sonic & Giganto Sonic Frontiers

After Sonic climbs via the waterfall, there will likely be a cinematic, and the participant should climb up Giganto to get to its again and head. Climbing Giganto is extra manageable than Asura as it’s unbothered by Sonic’s presence and would not assault on this section. However, remember that ring pulses on prime of Giganto will harm Sonic, so keep away from them. At the highest, Sonic will gather the ultimate Chaos Crystal and switch into Super Sonic. Now that the enjoying discipline is degree, the actual battle begins.

Super Sonic would not take any injury, however his rings will regularly lower because the struggle continues, so make the battle fast. Giganto will whack Sonic away, which takes up time. The greatest method to fight that is by getting a medium distance away and holding down the parry button to let the Titan land a shot. Landing a perfect parry in Sonic Frontiers provides the participant a leg up in Sonic Frontiers. Sonic will dodge out of the best way and open up for a strong combo assault that does vital injury and sends Giganto staggering backward. Use this system to get the boss to half its well being to set off its cinematic transformation.

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Phase Two

Giganto in Sonic Frontier with Lasers on his back

Giganto goes berserk and pink tubes with lasers capturing out of them pop throughout his again. Next, he’ll shoot an enormous power beam out of his mouth that may immediate a fast time occasion to mash the button on the display. The Titan will now attempt to crush Sonic together with his large scary tooth. First, he’ll convey his arms collectively in a clap movement with Sonic because the meat of the hand sandwich. Next, Giganto brings Sonic into his mouth, prompting one other QTE occasion to flee. The again lasers will ship Sonic flying, so keep in entrance of the Titan.

In Sonic Origins, cheat codes give the player a leg up, however on this struggle, it is all about sticking to a technique. Thankfully, the Titan did not study from the primary section and can preserve making an attempt to swipe at Sonic, opening up for a similar devastating combo. The greatest method to make sure victory is to faucet via the brand new assaults, maintain down parry when he swings and land the combo assault.

If the participant desires a tougher expertise, tackle the Titan with out using the parry and tremendous combo methodology. The Titan is weak when Super Sonic will get shut. Spam Sonic Boom from shut as much as benefit from this weak point and set off Phantom Rush. At this level within the recreation, the participant ought to have unlocked these abilities, that are an efficient combo to defeat the enemy. In the primary section of the struggle, Sonic can do vital injury, with this Sonic Frontiers Titan solely touchdown a number of punches. In Phase two, this methodology could be a little extra difficult, nevertheless it nonetheless works.

When Giganto’s well being bar is empty, Sonic will blast a gap via the monster, exploding it and ending the struggle. Finally, Kronos Island is full, and Sonic strikes on to fulfill up together with his outdated pal/nemesis, Knuckles, on Ares Island. Giganto is the primary of many huge mechanical meanies the hedgehog goes toe to toe with in Sonic Frontiers.

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    The Sonic franchise continues with the newest entry, Sonic Frontiers, a single-player high-speed action-platforming journey starring the titular blue hedgehog. While looking for the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic is transported to a mysterious zone riddled with unusual robot-like creatures. He’ll must get his bearings and work out the place he’s if he intends to save lots of his pals and return residence. Sonic Frontiers introduces a brand new “Open-Zone” model of gameplay, the place gamers are offered with a big open space to discover the place they’ll sprint, grind, and bounce to new heights whereas discovering aspect quests and puzzles. Classic model ranges may be discovered all through the assorted islands Sonic will traverse, injecting the hallmarks of the Sonic franchise followers have come to anticipate. Additionally, Sonic Frontiers introduces a brand new action-packed fight system that makes use of Sonic’s velocity to create tornadoes and string combos collectively to defeat the mechanized menace. Sonic Frontiers will release on November 8 2022 on next-gen and current-gen consoles and PC.

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