Song Kang graced the duvet of the style journal Cosmopolitan!

In the interview that accompanied his pictorial, the actor commented on his expertise being on the duvet of a style journal not as soon as, however twice. “This is a totally different vibe from the photo shoot for my first cover, so it felt like I was shooting for a totally different magazine. Every time I do a photo shoot it feels like a new side of myself is being recorded, so I enjoy it,” he stated.

The key phrase for the pictorial is “play.” When requested what he does to “play” in his free time, Song Kang responded, “I prefer relaxing at home over going out. My alone time is very important to me, so I do various homebody activities depending on what I feel like doing. Some days I just space out, while other days I’ll read or watch TV.”

Song Kang has acted in a wide range of roles by the dramas “Sweet Home,” “Love Alarm 2,” “Navillera,” and most just lately in his upcoming drama “Nevertheless.” On the way it feels to tackle such a variety of roles, he stated, “Rather than feeling like it’s too much, I think my excitement at meeting new characters has grown.”

He shared that whereas it’s tough to immerse himself into every character, the method is thrilling and attention-grabbing for him. “I recently said farewell to Chae Rok in ‘Navillera’ and am currently acting as Jae Uhn in ‘Nevertheless.’ I’m focusing on filming while going about my daily life and asking myself, ‘What would Jae Uhn do?’ There’s so many new sides to my new role that you couldn’t see in my previous one, so I hope everyone looks forward to it.”

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Song Kang went on to elucidate that he shares similarities with the entire roles he has performed indirectly. “In ‘Sweet Home,’ you can see me through Hyun Soo in the way he is a homebody who sometimes enjoys time alone,” he defined. “In ‘Love Alarm,” I resemble Sun Oh in that he is reserved at first but becomes playful when he gets to know someone. As for Chae Rok from ‘Navillera,’ the way in which I really feel proper now could be mirrored in his rookie days when he labored laborious to take steps towards his future. And Jae Uhn, who I’m presently performing as, resembles me as a result of he will get alongside properly along with his classmates, so it’s attention-grabbing.”

Responding to the interviewer’s remark about how he appears to have extra on-screen chemistry with the male forged members, Song Kang spoke about working with veteran actor Park In Hwan in “Navillera.” Song Kang revealed, “It was my first time working with such a senior actor, and I worried a lot about how to make a bromance between two people with such a large age gap seem natural.”

Song Kang then thanked Park In Hwan for carrying the scenes so properly. “Thanks to him, Duk Chool and Chae Rok’s chemistry naturally happened,” he stated. “Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, he approached me as Duk Chool so I was able to comfortably immerse myself in my own role. We worked together as I followed his lead.”

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As for what to anticipate along with his upcoming position in “Nevertheless,” Song Kang commented, “The biggest change will probably be that I’m an art major. I’m experiencing the life of an art college student through this drama, and it’s really fun and appealing.”

Song Kang shared that he’s engaged on his outward look for the position. “Since I worked on building the right body type for a ballerino, I’m also working on building a certain body type this time as well,” he stated, earlier than including with amusing, “If you watch the drama, you’ll figure it out.”

The interviewer expressed their curiosity about how Song Kang may very well be so diligent in taking care of his bodily look with such a busy schedule. Explaining what retains him going, the actor stated, “Every morning when I leave my house I make a promise to myself. Even if I’m tired, I remember my days as a rookie actor when I really wanted to work. I feel so grateful for that moment and my tiredness fades somewhat. The way I make up my mind like that every day gives me the energy to keep going. Of course, I also make sure to eat a variety of healthy foods.”

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Song Kang additionally talked about how the nicknames given to him based mostly on his characters’ names give him energy. He added, “I become especially proud when the viewers watch a scene I worked really hard on and give me a nickname. With ‘Navillera’ I liked how the viewers gave Chae Rok the nickname ‘Bigtese.’” He went on to elucidate that the nickname took place as a result of regardless that he’s tall, he acts cute like a Maltese pet.

To wrap up the interview, Song Kang was requested what sort of icon he needed to be remembered as. “The word ‘icon’ is still something far away from me,” he started. “Rather than wanting to become an icon, I just want to do the work given to me one by one, without regrets. Through that slow and steady growth, I hope to be remembered by the public as an actor who expresses various emotions in a natural way. If I naturally become an icon in that way, I think I’ll be really happy. For that day to come, I want to work harder on my roles and give intense thought to my acting.”

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Song Kang’s upcoming drama “Nevertheless” premieres on June 19 at 11 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

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