It has been revealed that actor Song Joong Ki was silent because of rumors directed at Katy Louise Saunders.

On Jan 30th, a video titled “The definitive secret that the groom-to-be Song Joong Ki couldn’t tell ♥ Creepy actions towards his girlfriend” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin Ho”.

On this present day, Lee Jin Ho stated, “It was difficult to edit a video because the situation was so urgent. So I’m going to do a live broadcast. There are many exclusive things.”

Lee Jin Ho talked about, There was an exclusive report on Dec 26th last year. I was going to deal with it, but I just passed it by because I had to bring up the past.

Lee Jin Ho continued, Today, Song Joong Ki suddenly announced the news of marriage registration and pregnancy. What was a little unfortunate for the fan cafe’s administrator was that Song Joong Ki announced his previous marriage in the same place.”

Lee Jin Ho stated, “But when I looked into why Song Joong Ki hadn’t said a word so far, he couldn’t help but be swept away by rumors no matter what he said, so he had the will to reveal it after registering his marriage. In fact, Song Joong Ki delivered the news of marriage and pregnancy. I think he has a manly tendency.”

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Lee Jin Ho shared, “Song Joong Ki’s marriage is quite meaningful. It was an extension of Song Joong Ki’s ideal type. Song Joong Ki said at the press conference of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ that ‘a wise woman is his ideal type’. There’s a bit of caution in this. There was no such expression in his marriage with ex-wife, but he used the expression ‘wise’ in this marriage. In addition, Song Joong Ki said, ‘It’s my goal in life to have children.’ Through this marriage, he achieved his dream with his ideal type.”

He continued, “Did Katy marry before? Does she have two children? She’s not an actress in Korea, so I really don’t know the inside story. After looking for information from various sources, I found out that the child in the picture said to be Katy’s daughter was actually her best friend’s. When searching in chronological order, Katy’s belly, which looked as big as the belly of a pregnant woman, doesn’t seem to be in pregnancy. This seems to remain a private life issue that is difficult to reveal as Song Joong Ki did not mention it. However, she has two daughters. I can only confirm that she was not pregnant in 2012.”

In addition, Lee Jin Ho appeared on the photograph of Katy and Song Joong Ki attending the marriage of an acquaintance in Bali and stated, “Song Joong Ki has a close connection with Bali. He went to Bali just before marrying his ex-wife then went there again this time. Considering the fact that the actor announced his marriage after returning to Korea from Bali, I think he has a deep connection with Bali”.

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The Youtuber talked about the time Song Joong Ki and Katy started relationship. He stated, “Many people misunderstand that Song Joong Ki fell in love easily, however, rumors of his romantic relationship already broke out on December 26th last year. At that time, Song Joong Ki was filming the movie ‘Ro Ki Wan’ and he had a meal with other actors. It was not long after his romance arose. Naturally, others’ interest was focused on his dating rumors then Song Joong Ki surprised everyone when he showed the photo of Katy on his cellphone and said, ‘I’m dating her’. The actors there exclaimed about Katy’s beauty and they were very shocked that Song Joong Ki showed the picture himself. He did not say a word about marriage or pregnancy at that time but Song Joong Ki told others that he had dated Katy for nearly 3 years.”

On January thirtieth, Song Joong Ki posted on fancafe, saying “I’m greeting you in this way because I want to tell you all about the most precious and happy promise that I made in my life today.” The actor continued, “I promised to share my future life with Katy Louise Saunders, who has spent and cherished our precious time with me”, 

Expressing his affection for Katy, Song Joong Ki stated, “She is a person with a good heart, someone who lives her life passionately. She is respectfully wise and wonderful. Thanks to her, I am becoming a better person”.

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He shared, “Naturally, a precious life has come to us”, including “We’re on our way to register our marriage to make a new start in our life as a couple based on our deep trust and love. We will look in one direction and walk on a beautiful road together in the days ahead”.

Lastly, Song Joong Ki promised, “I will try to fly higher as an individual and as an actor with a greater sense of responsibility and passion”.

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