Post Bigg Boss 14, politician and actress Sonali Phogat is attempting to remain in limelight together with her social media deal with and public appearances. Sonali was lately seen in a brand new avatar in a music video. The video has fetched greater than 1.4 million views on Youtube up to now. However, Sonali is getting massively trolled for her new look and dance within the music video. Apart from that, she can also be dealing with feedback on her marital standing and her age. In a current interview with ETimes TV, Sonali shared her tackle the haters and trolls and says, ‘jalti hai duniya jalane waala chahiye’.

She provides, “I have tried new looks in the song as per the director’s requirement. I am seen in western avatar and as you have seen in Bigg Boss house also I enjoyed being dressed in fashionable outfits and look presentable. But there are people who keep commenting and they say ‘iss age mein aap ko Shobha nahi deta iss tarah ke kapde (they try to tell me to act as per my age). I really don’t care about their comments because the people who love me are more as compared to the haters. Log toh kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna,”

Commenting on the trolls, Sonali additional added, “I would like to say to the haters Jalti hai duniya jalane waala chahiye. This song goes for me because I keep trying new things and there are a few people who like trolling me. When I did the music video, I had this thought that people who trolled me when I was inside BB 14 or when I came out of the show would be once again at it. They abused me and age shamed me after the song was released. I don’t understand that if I have aged, does that mean I can’t work in the industry. I don’t have an answer for this. I have not seen such comments on my page particularly, but when I see other social media accounts sharing my song or pictures, I find these comments there. There are so many negative comments and I don’t understand how anyone can write such nasty stuff. But then I don’t react to it because I know they don’t know me completely and have only seen me in the Bigg Boss house. So I concentrate on the love that I get from my fans.”

Sonali had a gala time taking pictures for the music and in addition shares how her social media following has gone to 2.5 lakh from zero, “I had a great time shooting for the song ‘Afeem’ and I am happy that my fans liked the song. People loved me in the Bigg Boss house and I have earned a lot of followers on Instagram. Earlier, if you have noticed I did not have any followers on my page but today I have a following of 2.5 lakh. My fans wanted me to do a music video and they kept asking me about it so I decided to do a song. I like that people have appreciated the song,” she stated.

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