Once gamers filter the Crater of Anomalies, they’ll encounter the primary boss in Solar Ash, a large serpentine creature referred to as Crater Ouroboros.

The Crater Ouroboros is the primary Massive Anomaly boss that gamers will encounter in Solar Ash. This lengthy, snake-like creature will awaken as soon as gamers have cleared the Crater of minor Anomaly enemies. This Massive Anomaly is not going to instantly chase Rei to strike however will as an alternative circle concerning the big pillar within the heart of the sector. However, if the participant jumps on the beast, it’s going to release a lethal shockwave assault. Similar to the opposite boss battles in Solar Ash, gamers might want to discover weak factors on its monumental physique to deliver it down.

Every Massive Anomaly in Solar Ash has three well being factors which might be tied to the completely different phases within the boss battle. Each stage will improve the battle’s problem by including new mechanics or forcing the participant to maneuver extra rapidly. Accordingly, the Crater Ouroboros will take a look at the participant’s talent in utilizing their grappling and Timeslip skills.


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For the primary stage within the Crater Ouroboros boss battle, skate in direction of the tail of the monster’s serpentine physique. In the start, it would not transfer very quick, so catching as much as it must be pretty simple. Grapple onto the again of Crater Ouroboros Anomaly boss in Solar Ash and rush in direction of its head whereas attacking the inexperienced, beacon-like weak factors alongside the best way. If the participant fails to destroy certainly one of these weaknesses in time, the Massive Anomaly will set free a pulsing wave throughout its physique, damaging the Voidrunner. The bar on the backside of the display screen will point out how quickly Ouroboros will assault. After reaching the pinnacle and placing its main weak level, the second part of the boss battle will start.

How to Beat Solar Ash’s First Massive Anomaly Crater Ouroboros

Solar Ash How To Defeat Crater Ouroboros

Once the participant takes out one of many Anomaly’s well being factors, Crater Ouroboros will spin violently, flinging Rei to a close-by spot. The participant should repeat the same process in Solar Ash as Phase 1. Grapple onto its tail and concentrate on breaking the weak factors alongside its bone-plated physique. However, this time, Crater Ouroboros will transfer sooner and step by step spin its physique because it slithers, making the sequence barely tougher. Use Timeslip each time essential to regain footing on the beast and strike the pinnacle once more to enter Phase 3.

For the ultimate stage, Ouroboros’s bony shell will shatter to some extent the place solely a slim path of exoskeletal plates stay. Additionally, the boss will flip crimson, rage coursing by its physique. If Rei steps on this crimson space, she’s going to instantly be despatched again to the respawn level and lose one HP. As this part leaves little room for error, Solar players must focus on hitting the boss‘s weak factors as rapidly as attainable to succeed in its head to complete it off.

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Solar Ash is offered on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Games Store.

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