Netizens felt the present was making gentle of a critical social situation.

Netizens criticized SNL Korea for a skit parodying Netflix‘s The Glory.

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On a recent episode of SNL Korea, the comedy show aired a skit parodying The Glory. In the skit, a student is seen being bullied by other students.

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Different from the drama, however, is the fact that rather than being physically harmed by the students, the bullies “torment” their victim by burning food with a hair straightener.

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The premise of the joke in the skit is that the victim loves food so much that it is torture for her to burn food.

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Unfortunately for the show, it seems the joke didn’t land effectively with some viewers. After the episode, a netizen uploaded a submit during which they criticized the present for making gentle of college bullying.

Is it proper to make enjoyable of a scene about faculty bullying? What’s worse is that the hair straightener was really utilized in a real-life bullying case.

— Netizen

Many netizens agreed with the submit’s writer, stating that SNL had crossed a line by parodying a re-enactment of a real-life incident involving a real-life sufferer.

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  • “Are we ‘haters’ because we are asking (SNL) not to make light of an incident involving a real victim? If that makes me a ‘hater,’ I think our nation needs more ‘haters.’ Do you think it’s right to use a real-life incident as the premise for a joke?”
  • “SNL is getting worse and this skit crosses a line. This skit is a problem, but their skits about millennials and gen-z are caricatures.”
  • “I think SNL is wrong for being insensitive.”
  • “Don’t you think parodying a real-life incident will come off as mocking it? Think.”
  • “If you aren’t uncomfortable with this, then something is wrong with you.”

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