Though journey RPG video games with a lot bigger maps have surfaced in recent times, Skyrim continues to be a sprawling sport with loads to see and do, particularly with just a few mods thrown in to broaden the sport’s content material. On its personal, nonetheless, Skyrim is loaded with hidden nooks, crannies, and secrets and techniques simply ready to be explored, however many avid gamers nonetheless have not stumbled upon the whole lot within the sport.

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Thankfully, there are at all times causes to replay Skyrim within the fashionable age, particularly with the announcement of the upcoming Anniversary Edition. For these avid gamers able to step into the frozen tundras of Skyrim as soon as extra, they need to search out all of these hard-to-find spots, merely for the sake of being a completionist.

Updated on Nov eleventh, 2021 by Derek Draven: Skyrim is gearing up for an additional re-release, and that is an awesome alternative for avid gamers to enterprise again in. The base sport is loaded with a ton of areas and secrets and techniques to uncover, and it is time to try a bigger and extra expanded assortment of the very best. These areas provide enjoyable easter eggs, attention-grabbing quests, and even some highly effective skills to unlock. For many avid gamers, discovering the secretive nooks within the sport is a matter of bragging rights, and a way of accomplishment. Regardless, most Skyrim avid gamers who suppose they’ve seen all of it may truly be mistaken.

25 The Frozen Mammoth

A mammoth frozen in a glacier in Skyrim

This little easter egg might be discovered north of Alftand, and to the west of Saarthal in Skyrim’s higher snowy areas. There, gamers can discover a big mammoth frozen within a glacier. Upon nearer inspection, the mammoth seems to have been pierced with a number of Dwarven spears and arrows.

Players can climb the facet of the glacier and leap on the mammoth’s again as a way to acquire entry to a two-handed weapon, which is caught there within the frozen flesh. It’s an attention-grabbing discover that many gamers nonetheless waltz proper by, with out noticing.

24 Castle Karstaag Ruins

The entrance to the Castle Karstaag Ruins in Skyrim

Ironically, many gamers nonetheless miss out on the Castle Karstaag Ruins, which is a disgrace given what’s there. The ruins might be discovered within the northwestern portion of Solstheim, the place Rieklings wait inside to assault the participant.

The ruins are the positioning of the “Summoning Karstaag” quest, the place gamers should do battle with the traditional frost big. It’s one of many hardest fights in all the sport, and the reward is the flexibility to summon him in battle a complete of thrice over the course of the sport.


23 The Red Wave

A shot of the Red Wave ship in Skyrim

The Red Wave is a ship that sits docked in Solitude’s harbor, proper in entrance of the East Empire Company’s provide warehouse. The ship is residence to 3 separate quests – “The Dainty Sload,” “Contract: Kill Safia,” and “Hired Muscle.” It’s surrounded by guards who is not going to assault the participant, however warn them to remain away.

Getting entry to the inside of the Red Wave permits gamers to search out Sabine’s Footlocker, which comprises a beverage referred to as Balmora Blue. It’s an unlawful drug from Morrowind that cripples the participant’s stamina regen by 30% for a complete of 30 seconds. It’s extra of a collector’s merchandise, versus one thing helpful.

22 Hamvir’s Rest

A wide shot of Hamvir's rest in Skyrim

This previous Nordic destroy might be present in a mountain vary between Whiterun and Hjaalmarch, simply northwest of Dustman’s Cairn. It’s the positioning of a uncommon encounter with the elusive Headless Horseman, a spectral determine on a horse who tends to spawn randomly between the hours of 10PM and 4AM.

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In addition, Hamvir’s Rest is a good spot to seize Nightshade, which is in plentiful provide there. Other gadgets embrace a Master degree chest and quite a lot of random loot strewn about, which is a good cause to discover.

21 The Poultry Reanimator

The Poultry Reanimator in Skyrim

Venturing south of Geirmund’s Hall in The Rift results in a rocky hill the place a necromancer is working towards magic. Oddly sufficient, he is attempting to resurrect lifeless chickens, which does not say a lot for his magical prowess. He might be discovered at a skeletal altar surrounded by deceased poultry, which is each comical, and macabre on the identical time.

Players can sneak up on him in the event that they wish to watch his shenanigans, or else they will kill him and examine the encompassing space. A basket in entrance of the altar normally comprises a number of substances, and generally even a soul gem. He additionally has a Conjuration talent e-book on his particular person, which is cause to loot his corpse.

20 Yisra’s Beachside Combustion

Yisra's charred remains in Skyrim

This miserable story might be present in northern Skyrim, on the shoreline south of Yngvild. The charred floor and bodily stays trace at a dragon assault, however additional investigation suggests one thing rather more odd. Beside the physique lies a flame cloak spell tome, suggesting the spell could have backfired, leading to an explosion. The physique itself comprises an merchandise named Yisra’s Necklace.

Speaking to Phinis Gestor on the College of Winterhold will reveal that Yisra, a mage scholar seeking to observe hearth spells, has gone lacking. This is all left over from a quest that was minimize from the sport, by which the participant would have needed to discover lacking College Apprentices and report again to Gestor. The dialogue and crime scene stay within the sport, making for a tragic set of occasions extra akin to a horror story, than a fantasy journey.

19 Kagrenzel

A wide shot of Kagrenzel in Skyrim

Kagrenzel is approach off the crushed path, and resembles different Dwemer Ruins scattered all through Skyrim, however this one is exclusive. East of Ansilvund lies a steep path by means of a canyon. Inside is a big room with a floating gentle. Players who activate it is going to be trapped in a cage that rises from the bottom. Sirens will ring out, and after just a few seconds the booby-trapped flooring will activate, plunging the participant right into a deep cave system.

At the underside is an underground pool and a pathway main again as much as the floor. It’s a prolonged trek, with Falmer standing in the best way. There is not any giant quest available, however the environment of the world is sort of completely different from different cave programs, giving it a singular really feel.

18 Skywalker’s Demise

An ice troll in a hidden in Skyrim

This Easter egg is well-known, however straightforward to overlook. Located in Bleakcoast Cave simply southeast of Winterhold is a lifeless adventurer whose skeleton is hanging from the icy ceiling, with a glowing sword mendacity beneath. This is a direct reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back the place Luke Skywalker is attacked by a Wampa and introduced again to its cave on Hoth.

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Luke’s legs are partially frozen into the cave ceiling, so he makes use of the pressure to seize his lightsaber from the snow. While Skywalker did handle to chop himself down and escape, this fellow wasn’t practically so fortunate.

17 The Iceberg Explorer

Skeletal remains on a mountaintop in Skyrim

In the ice caps north of the Tower Stone is a singular Easter egg. On high of an iceberg lies a skeleton, a treasure chest, and a tattered flag. The skeleton’s hand remains to be clutching the flag pole. The e-book beside it’s a Heavy Armor talent e-book titled “The Knights of The Nine”, which tells the story of a gaggle of treasure hunters. It summarizes the Knights’ quest to get better the relics of Pelinal Whitesnake, a legendary warrior and king.

The location of the e-book means that the skeleton may be Sir Amiel Lannus, the founding father of the Knights, and the one member whose relics and destiny stay misplaced to historical past. The physique is also an explorer who was following within the Knights’ footsteps, however the former clarification is a lot better. This unmarked spot is an attention-grabbing discover, particularly for these heavy into Elder Scrolls lore.

16 Arcwind Point

A wide shot of Arcwind Point in Skyrim

Nestled within the western mountains of the Rift is Arcwind Point, an out of doors Nordic tomb sprinkled with high-level enemies together with undead Draugrs, a Dragon Priest, and a Dragon. For gamers at degree 78 or larger, it can at all times be the uncommon Legendary Dragon, which makes for an extremely powerful combat.

Once the enemies are handled, gamers can discover a treasure chest, a phrase wall for the Drain Vitality dragon shout, and a talent e-book for Restoration. Plentiful loot and gold might be discovered on the enemies as effectively. First-time Skyrim gamers should ease into the game, quite than making a beeline for this explicit spot.

15 Bard’s Leap Summit

Wide shot of Bard's Leap Summit in Skyrim

Bard’s Leap Summit is not technically hidden, however it does include a secret that gamers usually miss. Walking in the direction of the perch on the finish of the bridge brings gamers over a waterfall, at which level they will leap off. At the underside, a dialog will set off the place gamers will likely be greeted by a ghost, offering they survive the autumn.

The ghost is a bard named Azzadal, who recounts the occasions of his personal demise, having tried the identical leap, and failed. As a reward for the leap of religion and listening expertise, Azzadal’s dialog will increase a participant’s Speech talent by one degree. It’s a pleasant reward for taking the chance, to not point out a uncommon rush.

14 The Chill

Atronachs guard the Chill in Skyrim

This unmarked location is up to now north of the College of Winterhold that it borders the sting of the sport’s map. Players doubtless by no means bump into it, except they occur to get arrested in that space. The Chill is Winterhold’s jail, and it is not like some other within the sport. No cells, no army guards, no concrete partitions; only a jagged ice cave with rusty cages inside.

There’s little in the best way of loot, which is disappointing for such a hidden space. Those with a style for exploration will discover it is well worth the journey, particularly since they’re going to doubtless by no means discover it some other approach. Players ought to watch out for the Frost Atronachs surrounding the world, nonetheless.

13 Lady Of The Lake

A skeletal hand holding a sword in Skyrim

A mysterious skeleton holding a sword is buried in a lake immediately west of Whiterun. The location is not marked on the map, so it does require some looking. This is a reference to the woman within the lake from the legend of King Arthur, who reaches out of the water and palms him the famed sword Excalibur.

Unfortunately, this sword is not so particular. The weapon that spawns is a leveled sword, so its stats are primarily based on regardless of the participant’s degree is on the time of retrieval. It doubtless will not change no matter trusty weapon gamers depend on, however it’s a curious piece of loot. Nevertheless, it is a intelligent nod, and a distinct tackle the King Arthur legend told through various TV shows and movies.

12 The Reaper’s Lair

A shot of the Reaper's Lair in Skyrim

This secret boss can solely be found in Skyrim‘s first downloadable growth, The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The Reaper’s Lair might be discovered within the Soul Cairn, an space that turns into accessible throughout the “Chasing Echoes” quest. The Soul Cairn is big, and takes time to completely discover, so the Reaper might be a simple miss.

Players ought to search for three Reaper Gem Fragments scattered all through the world. Once acquired, they’re going to want to move east after passing the big stone wall, finally arriving on the Reapers Lair. Placing the fragments in a receptacle spawns the Reaper, a ghostly boss enemy dressed like an executioner with shiny pink eyes.

11 Abandoned Rowboat Of Riches

An abandoned rowboat in Skyrim

Gamers can head to Kolskeggr Mine exterior Markarth, and comply with the river south to an deserted boat loaded with beneficial loot. The deck of the boat is loaded with flawless gems. Also onboard is an apothecary’s satchel filled with alchemy substances, and a robust field with much more loot. To high it off, a treasure chest is sunken within the river beneath.

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It’s not a jaw-dropping vista or lore-driven secret, however quite hidden cache of loot for adventurers seeking to make a fast buck. Plus, it is value testing, only for the sake of exploration.

10 Azura’s Star

The inside of Azura's Star in Skyrim

During “The Black Star” questline, gamers will earn a fast go to to this distinctive location. At the top of the hunt, the Dragonborn is transported into Azura’s Star to combat Malyn Varen, whose soul is trapped inside. The surroundings resembles an ethereal, crystalline dimension that appears prefer it was lifted proper out of the original 1978 hang-on classic Superman.

The space would not function any vital gadgets, however quite, some highly effective Dremora enemies and the boss, Malyn. However, there isn’t a different location like this within the sport, and is an absolute should for any Skyrim sightseers. It’s positively one of the distinctive locations to go to.

9 A Shakespearean Tragedy

Two dead lovers in Skyrim

Just north of Old Hroldan Inn is a tragedy hidden in an unmarked location. A small deserted camp might be discovered simply off the highway the place three our bodies lie on the website – a person, a lady, and a wild animal. Reading by means of a close-by journal reveals that the 2 had been Talvur and Karan, lovers who’ve seemingly been killed by the beast.

Karan, who got here from a rich Markarth household, wished to run away with Talvur, a miner who got here from poverty. Karan’s father didn’t approve of her relationship with somebody of decrease social class, so she determined to run off with Talvur. If the participant leaves the campsite and returns days later, the our bodies can have disappeared, and changed with a Shrine of Mara, the goddess of affection.

8 The Silvermoon Shipwreck

An underwater shipwreck in Skyrim

South of the Lady Stone lies a shipwreck in Lake Ilinalta – the Silvermoon. The wreck is not marked on the map, however might be seen in particular person, as a part of the mast stands above the water’s floor. The Silvermoon was apparently an previous buying and selling ship, and based on the residents of Riverwood, has been sitting in Lake Ilinalta for so long as anybody can keep in mind.

Underwater exploration isn’t essential in Skyrim, however this is without doubt one of the few cases the place it pays off. Plenty of fish and substances encompass the shipwreck, and a treasure chest might be discovered inside as effectively. An axe will also be discovered within the Captain’s cabin, together with the Captain himself.

7 A Red Wedding Indeed

Vittoria and Asgeir in Skyrim

The Dark Brotherhood quest “Bound Until Death” has the participant crash the marriage of Vittoria Vici, an imperial noble marked for assassination. The process might be carried out in any approach the participant needs – both shortly and quietly, or violently in entrance of all of the friends. It may even be made to seem like an accident. However, the Brotherhood supplies a way that some gamers could not have thought-about.

Two balconies might be discovered behind the seating space. In the northwest nook of the courtyard is a door that results in certainly one of them, the place Brotherhood member Gabriella has left an enchanted bow, Firiniel’s End, and a potion of True Shot for a marksmanship talent increase. Because the hunt can simply be accomplished in numerous methods, it is simple to overlook this.

6 A Spartan’s Death

A dead sabrecat in Skyrim

An Easter egg might be discovered within the mountains west of Karthwasten. In a slim canyon, a Sabre Cat lies lifeless with a weapon lodged in it. A skeleton will also be present in entrance of the animal, only some toes away. This is a direct reference to the movie 300, particularly the sequence the place younger Leonidas fights off a wolf.

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Armed with solely a spear, he kills a hostile wolf by trapping him in an area between two rocks. Unfortunately, this adventurer wasn’t so fortunate. Ironically sufficient, the skeleton has fallen downhill, and appears like he hit his head on the best way down.

5 The Secret Dragons Of Forgotten Vale

Two dragons flying over an icy lake in Skyrim

During the “Touching The Sky” questline within the Dawnguard DLC growth, gamers will enterprise to the Forgotten Vale, a frozen valley as soon as dominated by Snow Elves. Players can simply bypass the big frozen lake if they are not exploring completely, which is a missed alternative.

Walking far sufficient onto the ice will set off an assault by two Revered Dragons – Naaslaarum and Volslaarum. It’s one of many uncommon cases within the sport the place gamers will deal with two dragons without delay, with little or no in the best way of canopy, making this a really difficult combat.

4 The Sword In The Stone

A sword stuck in a stone in Skyrim

East of Karthwasten is Rebel’s Cairn, a cave featured within the miscellaneous quest “Find Red Eagle’s Sword.” The our bodies point out loads of individuals have fought over this sword, or on the very least, the possibility to tug it free from the stone. It’s an awesome visible reference, however paradoxically, the weapon within the stone is only a generic metal sword with none particular properties.

Still, it is value it, only for the sake of seeing all there’s in Skyrim. Since the sport is affected by nods and references to many widespread myths, legends, and popular culture franchises, it is at all times enjoyable to bump into certainly one of them.

3 Dunmeth Pass

A wide shot of Dunmeth Pass in Skyrim

Dunmeth Pass is east of Windhelm, and is the one secure passage by means of the Velothi Mountains to Skyrim’s neighboring province, Morrowind. Hundreds of years earlier than the occasions of Skyrim, Morrowind suffered a disaster referred to as the Red Year, the place a moon crashed onto the floor and induced widespread destruction. The province was leveled, and plenty of fled to Skyrim to flee the tough circumstances.

The go was utilized by Morrowind refugees as a checkpoint for linking up with misplaced family and friends, therefore the title of Skyrim’s closest marked location, Refugees’ Rest. It won’t seem like a lot, however Dunmeth Pass has main historic significance.

2 Pilgrim’s Trench And The Northern Shipwrecks

An ancient shipwreck in Skyrim

Northern Skyrim is brimming with unmarked areas and secrets and techniques, most notably of that are the a number of shipwrecks scattered by means of the area. Some are marked on the map, however others require some severe exploration to search out. Pilgrim’s Trench is without doubt one of the most attention-grabbing.

Located northwest of Winterhold, this space appears barren above floor. However, beneath the water’s floor is a focus of a number of shipwrecks and sunken treasure chests, that are extraordinarily deep. Players ought to carry loads of water-breathing potions or enchanted water-breathing gear.

1 Notched Pickaxe

A notched pickaxe stuck in a vein in Skyrim

At the highest of the very best mountain within the sport, the Throat of the World, is the distinctive “Notched Pickaxe.” The space solely turns into accessible after “The Throat of the World” questline, however intelligent gamers may be capable of discover (or glitch) their strategy to the highest.

The pickaxe provides 5 ranges to the Smithing talent, and inflicts shock injury when used as a weapon.  This is a reference to Marcus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft, the place a pickaxe is a crucial device within the sport.

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