The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has lots to supply gamers, with a mess of NPCs, magic, weaponry, and naturally, armors. Along with commonplace armor units, lootable off in-game enemies or craftable in Skyrim’s in depth smithing system, the sport additionally provides legendary gear and Daedric artifacts that provide distinctive and particular skills. The RPG additionally has an in depth modding group that has saved Skyrim alive for practically a decade.

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These distinctive items of armor range from the cosmetic to the enchanted and each have their place. Ultimately, a few of this distinctive gear is simply going to be higher than others, and gamers ought to know what they’re and the place to search out them, in an effort to get probably the most out of Skyrim’s legendary loot.

Updated July 22, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a landmark sport, not just for gaming at giant, but in addition for Bethesda’s collection. Aside from every thing else the sport has going for it, it is also probably the most customizable Elder Scrolls title – even with out mods. The sport homes dozens and dozens of distinctive armor units that may solely be discovered both by visiting particular areas or finishing required duties and quests. The Jester’s Outfit is without doubt one of the silliest distinctive armors in Skyrim, whereas Ahzidal’s Armor grants a strong enchant alongside one of many extra elegant armor designs within the sport.

12 Jester’s Outfit

Skyrim Unique Armor Jesters Outfit

  • Set items increase Speech (bartering), One-Handed, and Sneak
  • Found in Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

The Jester’s Outfit is a clothes set that increase the participant’s bartering, one-handed, and sneak abilities. It seems to be virtually precisely just like the outfit worn by Cicero, the Keeper of the Night Mother’s Coffin, and might likewise be discovered through the Dark Brotherhood questline.

After interacting with Cicero for the primary time, he will be found in a few locations all through the sport. In the Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, search for this flippantly enchanted distinctive outfit close to the doorway.

11 Ahzidal’s Armor

Skyrim Unique Armor Ahzidals Armor

  • Full set boosts participant Enchanting by 10 factors
  • Found in Kolbjorn Barrow in Solstheim

Ahzidal’s armor is available in two varieties, male and feminine, each of which improve the participant’s enchanting ability. The male set is very similar to the Iron Armor set, that includes ram horn adornments, whereas the feminine set makes use of deer antlers and no frontal plating.

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It’s a really well-designed set that blends in seamlessly with nearly each setting within the sport. Look for the heavy Ahzidal’s Armor set in Kolbjorn Barrow, the place each bit is unfold all through the dungeon. Players are naturally guided to this location within the quest “Unearthed.”

10 The Armor of the Old Gods

Skyrim Unique Armor of the Old Gods

  • Set items increase Destruction, Sneak, Bow, and Magicka
  • Found within the “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine” questline

Obtained after finishing the hunt “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine,” the armor of the outdated gods is an fascinating Forsworn-themed mild armor set with some highly effective enchantments. The set is ideal for casters and archers who prefer to assault from a distance, because it decreases the price of destruction spells, improves sneaking, bolsters bow harm, and will increase Magicka by 30 factors.

Additionally, the armor has some fascinating implications concerning the Forsworn and their adherence to “the old gods” who simply would possibly occur to be the Daedra.

9 The Blackguard Armor

Skyrim Unique Armor Blackguards Armor

  • Set items increase Lockpicking and Pickpocketing considerably
  • Found after helping Glover Mallory in Solstheim

After serving to Glover Mallory in Ravenrock on the island of Solstheim, gamers will achieve entry to his secret stash and the Blackguard armor. Glover is Delvin’s brother, and so this set acts as an upgraded model of the Thieves Guild set.

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To achieve entry to the armor, gamers might want to get the Bonemold Armor formulation from Esmond’s corpse within the Castle Karstaag Caverns. The Blackguard armor gives a forty % bonus to each lockpicking and pickpocketing, good for enterprising younger thieves.

8 Falmer Armor

Skyrim Unique Armor Falmer

  • No enchantments innately imbued in Falmer armor, although it’s enchantable
  • Mostly looted off of Falmer, chest armor solely present in Mzinchaleft

The Falmer are one among Skyrim’s best mysteries, and their armor is not any completely different. While the Dawnguard DLC added the Falmer Hardened and Falmer Heavy Armor, which will be looted off of Falmer enemies, a real Falmer chest piece is just obtainable in a single place, Mzinchaleft Depths.

The armor is equal to that of Dwarven armor with considerably much less carry weight. Additionally, the set is enchantable, which means gamers can put no matter magic they need on this distinctive set of chitin.

7 Auriel’s Shield

skyrim vampire wielding auriel's shield armor item

  • Enchanted to release Thuum-like push after blocking 15 hits
  • Found within the Forgotten Vale within the Dawnguard DLC

With an armor ranking equal to that of the Ebony selection, this sleek legendary shield is nothing to scoff at. But what actually makes this armor so particular is its distinctive enchantment that acts as its personal unrelenting pressure shout when energy bashing. The defend will be discovered within the Forgotten Vale through the Dawnguard storyline and is looted off of a Falmer enemy.

The defend is exclusive in that when blocking assaults it fees its impact and after blocking 15 hits, Auriel’s Shield is able to release its personal unrelenting pressure equal to the would possibly of a full Fus Ro Dah.

6 The Helm of Yngol

Skyrim Unique Armor Helm of Yngol

  • Helmet resists Frost Damage considerably
  • Found in Yngol’s Barrow after combating Yngol himself

With an armor ranking of 21, this is without doubt one of the strongest helmets gamers can discover in Skyrim. The Helm of Yngol will be picked up within the throne room of Yngol’s Barrow after combating Yngol’s shade. It additionally resists frost harm for 30 % which is fairly important. Further, the helmet has a singular background because it belonged, in fact, to Yngol.

Yngol was the son of Ysgramor who launched a marketing campaign bringing people into Skyrim and Tamriel lengthy, way back. Yngol, nonetheless, by no means joined his father’s marketing campaign as his ship was separated and he and his crew had been slaughtered on the journey throughout the Sea of Ghosts. Overall, it seems like a fairly dangerous option to go.

5 The Nightingale Armor

skyrim nightingale with nightingale armor and bow

  • Set boosts Stamina, Frost Defense, Sneak, Lockpicking, One-Handed, and Illusion
  • Found within the Thieves Guild questline

The sneaky and sinister armor of the Nightingales is earned by following the Thieves Guild’s principal questline. This mild armor set provides a few of the greatest stat boosts in Skyrim and appears cool and spooky besides. This skin-tight stealth swimsuit is ideal for any heist.

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This armor ought to solely be obtained after reaching degree 32, nonetheless, as that’s when the set’s enchantments attain their most potential. The set will increase stamina, reduces incoming frost harm, muffles the consumer’s motion, raises the lockpicking and one-handed abilities, and reduces the price of casting phantasm spells. All helpful enchantments for any participant planning to perform some thieving.

4 Targe of the Blooded

skyrim khajiit wielding targe of the blooded shield

  • Shield Bash offers 3 harm per second for five seconds (a complete of 15 additional harm)
  • Found on the corpse of Umala in Alftand

In the Dwemer spoil of Alftand, gamers will observe the story of a bunch of adventurers who had been ambushed and slowly all killed by Falmer… properly largely. The Dragonborn will come throughout the final two survivors, Umala and Sulla combating amongst themselves. Upon killing them each, gamers will discover a particular defend on Umala.

Although Targe of the Blooded doesn’t have any unbelievable stats to jot down residence about, it does have a particular enchantment, whereupon defend bash it offers 3 bleeding per second over 5 seconds. While by itself this may occasionally appear small, this harm passes by armor, blocking, or some other impact enemies might have lively, leading to huge quantities of harm for a number of bashes draining well being on the identical time, and is extremely efficient at sending enemies to Sovngarde

3 Deathbrand Armor

Skyrim Unique Armor Deathbrand

  • Set boosts Stamina, Carry Weight, Dual-Wield (One-Handed), and grants Water Breathing
  • Found within the Deathbrand quest

The pirate Deathbrand left his magical armor set hidden all throughout Solstheim, and that is one buried treasure gamers ought to undoubtedly try to uncover. The set is earned all through the hunt “Deathbrand.” Each piece of Deathbrand armor grants a strong impact: water respiration from the helm, 60 factors of stamina from the armor, 40 factors of carrying weight from the boots, and 40 factors of one-handed whereas dual-wielding with the gauntlets.

What makes the Deathbrand armor so highly effective is its distinctive set bonus of 100 additional factors of armor, making this light armor set better than most heavy armor units within the sport with none of the drawbacks.

2 Visage of Mzund

Skyrim Unique Armor Visage of Mzund

  • Helmet boosts Stamina and grants the Breath of Nchuak capacity, a damage-over-time spell
  • Found on a desk in Fahlbtharz

Found on the finish of an extended collection of puzzle rooms within the Dwemer spoil of Fahlbtharz, this distinctive Dwarven Helm is tied for the very best base armor stat of any helmet within the sport at 24 factors.

The helmet can also be enchanted to supply 60 factors of stamina to the wearer and likewise grants the power Breath of Nchuak, which is a strong steam assault dealing harm over time. With nice defensive capabilities and an offensive energy besides, this helmet is without doubt one of the greatest armor items within the sport.

1 Konahrik

skyrim dragon priest mask konahrik

  • Helmet has an opportunity to heal the participant and forged Flame Cloak when struck at low well being
  • Found by combining each different Dragon Priest masks within the sport at Labyrinthian

With equal base armor to the Visage of Mzund and a a lot more durable acquisition quest, the Dragon Priest masks Konahrik is presumably the very best helmet in all of Skyrim. In order to acquire this masks, gamers might want to defeat every dragon priest and produce their masks to the central location of the Bromjunaar Sanctuary within the ruins of Labyrinthian.

The masks has the potential to heal the wearer when taking harm with a grand therapeutic spell and forged the flame cloak capacity. This capacity is itself very highly effective and when paired with the masks’s base armor, makes the Dragonborn practically unkillable.

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