All of us take pleasure in pampering our skin, and we spend some huge cash on it. However, we continuously neglect to moisturize our skin earlier than utilizing any cosmetics. Although some folks view each day moisturizing as an aesthetically pleasing behavior, it’s important for good skin. The best organ of the physique, our pores and skin wants care regularly to be younger, flawless, and wholesome. Your pores and skin could keep nourished and renewed with assistance from moisturizer. The oil glands that preserve wholesome pores and skin begin to lose their operate as we age, which causes them to provide much less oil. The glands do not need to work as exhausting to keep up healthy skin all through your lifetime whenever you moisturize each day. However, you must also concentrate on the appropriate approach to apply moisturizer to get the utmost profit and keep away from errors. (Also learn: Tired of skin problems? Beauty tips to take care of your skin and build a skincare routine )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Dr. Suvina Attavar, Certified Dermatologist and Skin Specialist, shared 5 largest moisturizer errors that individuals ought to keep away from making.

  • Using moisturizer straight over dry pores and skin causes moisturizers to lure current moisture in your pores and skin, and damp pores and skin retains it hydrated for longer.
  • Hyaluronic acid alone as a moisturizer is just not an excellent thought. It is hygroscopic , it absorbs water, and making use of hyaluronic acid on dry pores and skin alone can suck up all of the moisture from the deeper layers of the pores and skin leaving it extra dry and dehydrated.
  • You might imagine that making use of moisturizer solely to dry areas of the face and skipping the oily components assist. However, skipping moisturizer can result in extreme oil secretion from the sebaceous glands to compensate.
  • Using the mistaken components within the moisturizers to your pores and skin kind usually result in breakouts, cracks, sensitivity and dermatitis. Speak to your dermatologist to know what would swimsuit you.
  • Back and Neck additionally should be moisturized, we frequently ignore these areas.

Skincare Educator, Mira, steered moisturizer tricks to apply it the appropriate approach to get the utmost profit.

  • Use your pores and skin kind to assist choose your moisturizer base.

Dry skin- cream and balm

Combo skin- gel cream and lotion

Oily skin- gel and milk base cream

Moisturizer utility ideas

  • Apply on damp pores and skin to lock in additional moisture. Unscented facial moisturizers can be utilized below the eyes as properly. Apply irritating components like retinoids after moisturizer when beginning out.

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