With the sudden demise of Sidharth Shukla the rumors about use of steroids have been surfacing. Sidharth’s fitness center coach Sonu Chaurasia, put an finish to the rumors and stated that health was his lifestyle and he by no means abused any steroids.

In an interview with BT Sonu talked about it and shared, “Sidharth followed that regime with weight training in the morning on weight training and cardio in the evening as he didn’t want to put pressure on his body and always balanced out.”

Rejecting the talks about overexertion, Sonu stated, “Overexertion happens to only those who are irregular in their fitness training, for Sidharth it was his way of life and was totally involved in it. Unlike those who often followed trends when it comes to diet he was against any kind of crash diet and loved home-cooked food especially prepared by his mother.”

Recalling his final dialog with Sidharth Shukla on his personal birthday he stated, “He came to my gym and wished me on August 24th and the next day I had to leave for Bhopal to shoot for my film as I am also an actor. He didn’t want me to go and was upset and even teased me and said, “tum kya hero banne jaa rahe ho I will not come if you are not there. I did try to convince him to train with my assistant while I was away but he didn’t come to the gym after that day. And the sad part is that we didn’t call each other after that day and it hurts.”

Talking about Sidharth’s therapy for his toes that he had twisted, Sonu stated, “this was about two months ago and he took a break of 15 days as the doctors told him not to exert his feet. And that time he did tell me that his stomach had begun bloating because of the steroids and had to do something about it.”

Sonu who has recognized Sidd for a few years disagrees with the notion that Sidharth was an smug particular person. “He was not arrogant but a straightforward who is often perceived as an arrogant person. If he didn’t like anything or if anyone did something he would say that on the face he was a true-hearted person that connected with his audience’’ he said.

Sonu further adds, “He was a nice person and was totally connected with his family and does not flaunt his personal relationships and stories in the media like most celebrities do. He said, “He was totally connected to his family. I remember I had bought a new car he saw it and told me that he would gift the same car to his elder sister which was never publicised in the media.”

Talking about Sidharth’s serving to nature Sonu stated, “He was concerned about people during covid and would say if I was a big star with crores of rupees would help everyone possible but unable to do it. That is the kind of gesture he showed and he even did help in this way during the lockdown was perpetually on the phone calling people organizing oxygen cylinders during the lockdown but never took publicity. He never cashed his stardom as most actors do.”

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