Actor Siddharth Menon received a Special Jury point out as an actor for his Marathi movie June on the 68th National Film Awards. The actor in an unique chat speaks about his huge win and divulges shedding a tear for a similar.

Actor Siddharth Menon’s ‘phone hasn’t stopped ringing’ since Friday night. And why ought to it not? The actor received a Special Jury point out as an actor for his Marathi movie June on the 68th National Film Awards. “I’m not feeling anything to tell you very honestly,” Menon says, as we communicate on a name minutes after his win was introduced. He provides, “Everybody around me is feeling a lot, which is making me feel very happy. As an artist you feel your journey is alone but when the whole world is celebrating it, the feeling is unparalleled.”

Menon was nonetheless in “disbelief” until he spoke to his spouse Poornima Nair, who’s at the moment in Dubai. “She called me and started crying. She was bawling. I couldn’t resist and I cried as well. If she cries, I lose it. She is the one, who has seen me so closely through the process of making this film,” he elaborates.

The phrase National Award winner is now going to be hooked up to his title like a prefix. The 33-year-old who began his profession on stage in Pune, admits that there was an element in him that believed today would come. being “I’m very crazy that way,” he confesses and provides, “I believe in things, I did believe that this would happen. I didn’t know when and for what, but I knew.

This is the National Award! You can dream of it, but you cannot predict what’s going to happen.”

The Marathi movie directed by debutant administrators Vaibhav Kshiti and Suhrud Godbole and written by Nikhil Mahajan was universally acclaimed for its delicate remedy. Calling the film the “most challenging film” of his profession up to now, Menon additional continues, “I’m so happy that it happened in their (Kshiti and Godbole)’s debut film. This one is for the team. We were always against all odds: right from the topic, the budget, then the pandemic hitting us. We didn’t know what to do with this product. We have gone through so much. I share this (award) with the entire cast.”

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