“From Jihoon witnessing Yujin’s first Inkigayo win with IVE to…”

TREASURE‘s Jihoon, IVE‘s Yujin, and NCT‘s Sungchan were well-loved MCs for SBS‘s Inkigayo.

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NCT’s Sungchan, IVE’s Yujin, and TREASURE’s Jihoon | SBS

The trio of idols have been extremely supportive of one another, and followers cherished their interactions. Although Inkigayo now has new MCs, followers have been happy to see that the idols’ friendship continues to be going robust.

Recently each TREASURE and IVE attended the 2022 MAMA Awards, the place each teams placed on jaw-dropping performances followers couldn’t get sufficient of.

TREASURE gained the “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” award on the first day of the award present, and IVE gained “Favorite New Artist.”

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TREASURE | @MnetMAMA/Twitter

On the second day of the award present, IVE additionally took residence “Best New Female Artist,” “Best Dance Performance,” and the daesang, “Yogibo Song of the Year.”

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IVE | @MnetMAMA/Twitter

Since TREASURE have been seated close to IVE, followers may see Jihoon’s response to IVE’s win and felt endeared by how “happy and excited” the idol seemed for his buddy.

Fans felt additional emotional remembering that Jihoon was there for IVE’s first Inkigayo win, and now he was additionally there to see IVE settle for their daesang.

Fans have missed seeing the idols work together however are glad to see that their friendship nonetheless appears as robust as ever.

Hopefully followers will get the possibility to see the trio work together once more sooner or later.

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