Shweta Tripathi On Her Sustainable Fashion: “Right from thrift stores to second-hand shopping, I’d like to encourage people…” (PC: Facebook)

Actress Shweta Tripathi encourages sustainable trend for the sake of the surroundings.

“I am a big advocate of sustainable fashion and I think if one is conscious of the environment, they’d always choose ethical clothing over anything else. Right from thrift stores to second-hand shopping, I’d like to encourage people to indulge in these practices and make a difference,” Shweta stated.

Shweta Tripathi treats her garments with loads of love and cares to make sure they aren’t torn or broken.

“The problem is that everyone thinks someone else will save the world. It’s time to be that someone. If we all do our little bit, the world will be in a better place. I’d also like to tell people that even when it comes to sourcing for shoots, we try our best to cut down on new things,” Shweta Tripathi added.

In the upcoming net sequence, the thriller “Escaype Live”, Shweta wears her personal footwear.

“For my character in Escaype Live, I’m wearing my own footwear as opposed to buying new ones because if there’s something that already fits, I think it’s really unnecessary to purchase new ones,” Shweta Tripathi stated.

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