On May 2, SHINee’s Taemin held his solo live performance “Never Gonna Dance Again” by Naver’s “Beyond LIVE” platform.

This was Taemin’s first solo live performance since December 2019 in Japan. Taemin stated, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. To be honest, I wanted to have a concert like this at an earlier time. I’m both glad and regretful that I was able to do it now. I prepared a lot, so please look forward to the rest.”

During the live performance, Taemin carried out his solo hits like “Danger,” “Move,” and “Want,” in addition to tracks from his third studio album “Never Gonna Dance Again” similar to “Criminal,” “IDEA,” “Heaven,” “Black Rose,” and “Think of You.”

About making ready for his live performance, he stated, “I put a lot of effort into the lift. I also think that the close-up hand cameras give a sense of animation. I think that the performances have special direction that is unique to ‘Taemin’ and different from other concerts.”

He added, “I thought a lot about how to make things look cool and sincere. In the past, I would only be satisfied if I recklessly poured out everything I had. I would squeeze out all the strength that was in me and go overboard. Now I tried to control how I used my strength. I thought about how to control the breath and energy so that the performer looks relaxed to the audience. These are natural changes that came as I grew older. It’s not that I was being half-hearted, but I thought a lot about the push-and-pull of my energy.”

Taemin additionally revealed his new track “Advice” for the primary time, which can be the title of his upcoming third mini album, to be launched on May 18. “I think the song will showcase unique and diverse sides of me,” he stated. “I’m also looking forward to it a lot. I’ve prepared a lot for the performance.”

During the live performance, Taemin unveiled a dance medley of the hit songs launched over each SHINee’s profession and his profession as a solo artist. He stated, “It was a dance medley that felt like my life story. Not everything was revealed, but it was a quick look at what had passed. At first, I got emotional. It was a chance for me to recall the past and it was deeply meaningful. Our fans who were elementary school students are in the workforce now, and the noonas have gotten married.”

He continued, “I also recreated the bowl cut for the old songs, but it was kind of embarrassing. I thought that the fans might cry, but how was it? I wonder how much will have changed if I do this kind of video again in 10 years. I don’t think that there’s a lot of difference between me now and me 10 years ago, but it would be funny if I did a bowl cut and danced to ‘Replay’ when I’m in my forties.”

Near the tip of the live performance, Taemin stated, “Thank you for watching over me for 13 years. I hope that we can be eternal partners. I’m going to return [from military service] and give you even more than I have before, so please watch over me. We still have a lot of memories left to make, so don’t be sad.”

Taemin is scheduled to enlist on May 31.

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