Everyone is aware of that SHINee‘s Key completely adores the maknae Taemin. Before sending Taemin off to the military, Key not solely cooked him a stunning meal, but additionally ready a survival equipment for Taemin to deliver to the military.

The meticulous set contained three essential gadgets for troopers.

1. Camo cream

Firstly, camo cream. Although camo cream is bought extensively within the military outlets itself, Key made positive to buy the specifically crafted ones from Innisfree.

| Innisfree

The camo lotions from Innisfree are vital for each military man that cares about their pores and skin. Not solely is it much less heavy on the pores and skin, however it’s also made with good substances resembling tea tree leaf oil to assist calm troubled and careworn pores and skin. Key made positive Taemin was all stocked up with a couple of packing containers.

2. Lip balm

He additionally gifted Taemin with lip balms with a really slight tint of crimson. An idol is an idol in any case!

3. Insoles

Lastly, he gave Taemin some insoles for his ft. Not that Taemin must further peak, however these insoles are specifically made with thick cushions. Army males must march for lengthy hours on finish, and these insoles will make it a bit of extra bearable.

Key made positive to pack three units of insoles so Taemin may give them out to his new squadrants. During marching, one has to march in threes so Taemin has simply sufficient to provide out.

The two additionally recreated this photograph again from their debut days. It looks as if nothing has modified!

The child cheese can be enlisting on May 31, 2021. We wish him all the perfect! Check out the loving clip under.

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