Shilpa Shinde expresses her disappointment along with her position in Maddam Sir

Shilpa Shinde who just lately made an entry in Maddam Sir is sad with the way in which issues have turned out up to now. She talked about it in an interview and shared, “My role as Naina Mathur was a cameo and it was going to last for 10-15 days. I took it up because it sounded quite challenging. I shot for a few days and then suddenly, I was told to take a break. While shooting for the show, I also got to know that it was going to wrap up and would have a second season later. I have been wondering what’s happening to my track. If I had been told that I would have to take a break like this, I would not have taken up the offer.”

Shilpa added, “I had an offer for a web show. I would have taken up that one instead of this. It is strange when you are seen in a few episodes and then you vanish. It’s not good for the character. They did call me, but there is no clarity about the shoot date. My viewers also need to know why I vanished after a few episodes.”

When BT talked to Jay Mehta about Shilpa’s position in Maddam Sir, he stated, “She is doing a cameo and is doing well on the show. Her character will be back.”

When requested if the present wrapping up, Jay stated, “Earlier we were supposed to wrap up in February and plan a new season sometime later But, now the show is not going off-air, and after the second week of February, we will immediately begin with the new season.”

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