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When the Disney Plus sequence that ultimately turned She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was first introduced, Marvel Cinematic Universe followers immediately positioned Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones on the high of their cameo wish-list.

After all, the rights to the street-level favorites had reverted again to Kevin Feige following Netflix’s cancellation of the complete Defenders roster, whereas their respective day jobs as a lawyer and personal investigator made them supreme candidates to swing by and stand both with or in opposition to Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters.

As destiny would have it, Cox is indeed back as the Man Without Fear, however to date any hopes for Ritter look like broad of the mark, until after all Marvel is hiding an enormous shock up its sleeve. In an interview with Tara Hitchcock, although, director Kat Coiro admitted that it’s one thing she’d like to see occur.

“I think the person who I think most organically fits into the world is in the show. I actually think Jessica Jones would be a good addition. Every single existing MCU character who came into this show had to make the adjustment from being in things that are much more serious to being in something that is tonally more outrageous. And they’re all such wonderful actors and all so adept at adjusting, but it was definitely fun to watch that transition and fun to watch them go ‘Oh, it’s okay for me to do this?’ The biggest question they all ask me is ‘Am I going too far?’ And I would say ‘Absolutely not! Go further!”

While the filmmaker expertly danced across the line of inquiry, Ritter has been stoking the flames of speculation herself on social media, so no one could be stunned had been Jessica to pop up in She-Hulk. If not, then a possible season 2 offers the right alternative to make it a actuality.

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