Actor Shama Sikander says that she and her American beau James Milliron like to have fun Christmas within the firm of their family members.

Christmas is a particular time for actor Shama Sikander and her beau, James Milliron. The two additionally plan on making this 12 months particular by travelling to Dubai for the festivities.

“That is the only place that is open right now. We wanted to go to the US and celebrate with James’ family, but we were just there a while back and we didn’t go again now given the situation with Covid-19. We have a dog now so we didn’t want to leave it behind and go somewhere far , hence we decided on Dubai,” shares Sikander.

The actor says the that means of Christmas for her has modified over time. “As a child, I used to believe in these fairytales and in between I stopped and now again I want to believe in magic and fairytales and occasions like Christmas make me want to believe in them. It is a magical time of the year and if we don’t have festivals and magic to believe in then our life will get very boring,” says the actor.

Sikander says each she and Milliron might come from completely different cultural backgrounds however they love celebrating one another’s festivals with the identical sort of fervour.

“We are both very open-minded when it comes to each other’s cultures and finding joy in that. I am very celebratory person. For me each day of my life is like a festival, including Christmas. I love the whole vibe of Christmas and I like to celebrate with my loved ones. But now I celebrate it with more awareness than before. For me the whole show-sha has gone away and we like to keep it simple,” she explains, including that for each of them, it’s not about what they’re sporting or spending, however about “celebrating the spirit of Christmas which is spreading joy and happiness”.

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