Seen in exhibits like Queens Hai Hum and Shaadi Ke Siyaape, actor Shaily Priya Pandey states that pandemic has been an enormous motive owing to which many actors needed to restart their journey from scratch.

“Beginners like me, who had just started working, found it difficult to get a footing. I consider myself lucky as I started my career playing a lead on television. But during the pandemic, as we all were locked in our homes with no work, it was difficult to get back on track. During initial phase of career visibility is a must and that got impossible as most of us were without work,” says the younger actor.

Known for taking part in pivotal characters in TV dailies Pavitraa Bharose Ka Safar and Maa Vaisho Devi, Pandey provides, “I managed to get work post-lockdown, that too central role but the shows couldn’t run for more than a few months. Reasons were many including finances whereas in some cases the ratings just fell flat. We had to accept heavy pay-cut without any second thought. But as long as I was getting projects that provided me pivotal roles I accepted the pay reduction without any inhibitions.”

After months of stoop, Pandey believes issues are trying up for the leisure trade. “Yes now things are getting swiftly back in action. My new show Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se is on a shoot mode and will get on air next month. Here again I am playing the protagonist and I am hopeful that this show will get me more work especially on mediums like OTT and films,” says the alumni of City Montessori School, Lucknow

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