SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and Wonwoo have the kind of friendship we all want! While many Carats already know a lot about the two’s nice relationship, Mingyu and Wonwoo shared much more particulars on it with Seventeen Magazine!

During their interview, Mingyu and Wonwoo answered a number of enjoyable questions, together with, “What fictional friend duo do you think is like yours?

Mingyu answered first and shared he believes the cartoon duo Tom And Jerry are most like him and Wonwoo. As for who’s who, Mingyu wasn’t 100% positive however felt he wouldn’t be Jerry: “Tom and Jerry… Who’s Tom? I’m not a person like Jerry.

Since Mingyu was not sure, Wonwoo devised reply. Since he was born the yr of the rat, Wonwoo defined he would in all probability be nearer to being Jerry than Tom.

I used to be born the yr of the rat so wouldn’t it make sense I’d be Jerry?

— Wonwoo

Wonwoo himself additionally had a terrific fictional good friend duo in thoughts! Wonwoo named Iron Man and Captain America’s friendship as one which greatest resembles his friendship with Mingyu. Much like the 2 Marvel character’s relationship, Wonwoo revealed that there are quite a lot of occasions he and Mingyu butt heads.

For me, if I needed to choose one which was most comparable, Iron Man and Captain America. Instead of being actually pleasant, they form of bump heads and battle in a pleasant means. Mingyu and I joke arduous and bump heads.

— Wonwoo

In response, Mingyu agreed with Wonwoo and shared that he’s most like Iron Man whereas Wonwoo matches with Captain America.

If we needed to evaluate to Iron Man and Captain America, I like making issues. Challenges. Scientific issues. I like that. And Wonwoo’s extra sensible. He form of has that outdated era vibe like Captain America.

— Mingyu

The two had been clearly having an excessive amount of enjoyable with this query as they continued to call a number of different fictional duos. Wonwoo threw the long-lasting good friend duo: “Harry Potter and Ron Weasley aren’t bad either huh? I’m wearing glasses and you’re not.

Before they moved on to the subsequent query, Wonwoo named the legendary duo of brothers Mario and Luigi. Wonwoo claimed he could be Mario since he loves pink; nonetheless, Mingyu hilariously shared he doesn’t like the colour inexperienced and needs to be the principle character.

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