An complete residing and respiratory frog.

We’ve seen some amazingly inventive fansigns in our day. From this NCTzen who placed on a complete present simply to sing “Feel Special” for NCT‘s Mark

…to the lovely fans who brought Renjun along to both the desert and a hotpot spot.

But on September 29, 2022, a CARAT stunned many when she brought out her pet to show SEVENTEEN‘s THE8. Many fans have shown their pets to their idols before. Just a day before, a fan showed fellow member Vernon her cat.

But this CARAT’s pet was extremely distinctive. It turned out to be a frog! THE8 patiently waited for her to select up her pet.

When the frog was introduced onto the display, his response was priceless.

The shock on his face was so palpable.

It appeared like he had a tough time attempting to determine easy methods to react. Should he snicker? Cry? Smile?

The state of affairs was so hilariously contemporary that many followers questioned if the frog was a toy or an actual one. The CARAT needed to make clear that the frog was very a lot alive and respiratory.

Despite the preliminary shock, he loved the remainder of his fansign with the CARAT, and even posed for her.

This is certain to be one fansign he’ll always remember!

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