Many K-Pop idols grow to be model ambassadors and endorsers, however in addition to official promotions, most idols show their assist by means of refined actions. Even in K-dramas and selection exhibits, product placement tends to be refined. However, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is as blatant as can be as Banila Co‘s ambassador, and his strategy works (as most of his plans often do).

Jeonghan, DK, Vernon, and Joshua left Korea earlier than the rest of SEVENTEEN due to a schedule in Canada. When they arrived at the airport, Jeonghan didn’t hesitate to begin selling Banila Co in probably the most lovely approach doable.

Jeonghan turned the same old press protection of airport departures into an impromptu photoshoot, and the candid pictures have everybody falling in love. Jeonghan is understood for his visuals and intelligence; when he combines the 2, nobody can face up to his energy.

Even the opposite members are all for his promotion ways. Whether it was coincidence or deliberate, the distinction of their all-black outfits and Jeonghan’s sky-colored vogue allowed the promotion angel to face out much more.

And just like the hardworking ambassador he’s, Jeonghan’s plan is working, as CARATs have already discovered what product he was selling.

This isn’t the primary time Jeonghan’s let his interior PR fairy shine. Earlier this 12 months, when SEVENTEEN flew to Japan for a fanmeeting, Jeonghan began selling Banila Co as quickly as they arrived on the airport.

Jeonghan made headlines together with his promotion agenda, and Banila Co. trended at quantity 2 on Twitter that day, because of his actions.

Banila Co even posted his assist on their story for his or her official Instagram, utilizing “Hanihae,” Jeonghan’s particular “I love you” (the SEVENTEEN members every have their very own phrase the place they mix their title with saranghae (“I love you” in Korean)).

And whether or not it’s for information protection or CARATs, “Promotion Fairy” Jeonghan is the right photobomber.

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