SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi exudes charisma in his new pictorial with Esquire journal!

In the interview with Esquire, Hoshi talked abut his new mixtape “Spider” and his present way of life. Previously, SEVENTEEN had revealed that they traveled in three automobiles as a result of they’d so many members. Hoshi shared, “Nowadays, we use six cars. As it became more frequent for the members to go places separately, we use the cars as needed in the situation. I usually use it to go exercise.”

Hoshi revealed that he had first begun exercising due to NU’EST’s Baekho. He defined, “Baekho really likes to exercise, and one day he suddenly asked to exercise together. I unexpectedly followed him and got my foot in the door. That was already two years ago. These days, I feel as if my body has become a bit stiff, so I’m also doing Pilates.” When the interviewer talked about the calluses on his palms, Hoshi shared that he felt pleased with them. He added that he goes to the fitness center round 340 days out of the 12 months in a 12 months.

When he’s not exercising, Hoshi revealed that he spends his time within the apply rooms. He shared, “It’s not an interesting answer, but I only ever go to the gym and practice rooms.” Hoshi defined that he and the choreographers and dancers had enjoyable by sharing their choreography with each other. He added, “The time spent discussing and absorbing myself in dance and music is very enjoyable and precious to me.”

Hoshi revealed that the key to SEVENTEEN’s uniform dancing is apply. He added that their teamwork can be distinctive as a result of they’ve been collectively for over 10 years, and he shared that everybody is quick at choosing up choreography. Hoshi acknowledged, “I think it’s very SEVENTEEN-like that our choreography shines only when dance as 13 members.” He talked about that the group might be making a comeback with a brand new track inside the 12 months and that Woozi is fastidiously producing a brand new track.

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Furthermore, Hoshi shared that he’s optimistic and the sort to tackle new challenges. He defined, “When I go on the stage, I find my heart pounding.” Regarding his first mixtape “Spider,” Hoshi revealed that he tried to painting an attractive and wild temper, and he labored with Choi Young Joon to choreograph the dance. The artist shared, “I’m the performance team leader in SEVENTEEN, so I didn’t want to compromise when it came to the dance.”

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On how he got here to release a solo monitor, Hoshi revealed that he had achieved a tarot card studying in 2018 with the members and firm workers at an occasion. After asking about his profession, the playing cards had revealed he could be releasing a solo track in 2021. He defined, “It also said that I would fail if I didn’t prepare extremely hard. I’m normally not the type to believe these things, but it somehow made me believe it. It might have been that I wanted to believe it. Anyway, that’s when I started working on the song. I also received a lot of help from our skilled producer and member Woozi.”

Hoshi elaborated that though he had been busy in 2019, he had time to work on the solo monitor after their world tour was canceled attributable to COVID-19. He shared, “If I couldn’t perform on stage, I wanted to at least release a song through SoundCloud for my fans to hear. I made one or two songs like that, and in no time, I had over 10 songs I produced myself. I’m a bit embarrassed to say this myself, but there are a lot of good songs.”


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