None of them knew what to anticipate when working with hearth.

To ensure their BE THE SUN tour is the very best it may very well be, SEVENTEEN tried out particular hearth results for his or her “March” stage, leaving followers amazed.

While the group makes it look superb on stage, Seungkwan shared the hilarious mistake it precipitated after they first tried it out.

Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

When iHeartRadio host JoJo Wright requested SEVENTEEN in the event that they confronted any “funny on-stage mistakes” throughout BE THE SUN, Seungkwan couldn’t assist pondering of their “March” stage. He talked about the bursts of fireside firstly and finish of the stage.

As Vernon agreed, Seungkwan defined how tough the warmth made it to maintain their charismatic facial expressions. He mentioned, “We couldn’t keep a straight face because the fire was too hot.

DK joked, “[We] thought we were getting barbequed,” whereas Seungkwan confirmed, “My face was burning.” Seungkwan even imitated how they’d first reacted by frowning up his face and transferring again from the hearth.

Vernon shared how they’d taken the complete blast of warmth from the hearth earlier than realizing they needed to retreat to security.

We didn’t anticipate that warmth at first, so we had been simply standing there. And when the hearth got here up, we had been like, ‘Oh, we have to back up.’

— Vernon

Fortunately, the group prevented burning off their eyebrows and safely used the particular hearth results to their profit.

Hoshi beginning “March”. | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

See DK, Vernon, and Seungkwan chortle concerning the mistake they’d initially made when working with the hearth results.

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