In May 2022, Ben Stiller posted on Instagram that it had been one yr after his father Jerry Stiller’s passing, and he shared a coronary heart emoji, in response to One of Jerry Stiller’s most beloved roles was George’s dad Frank Costanza on Seinfeld, a component that included many hilarious strains and rants.

Whether Frank is sharing what the vacation Festivus entails or displaying his frustration along with his spouse Estelle and son George, most of Frank’s Seinfeld quotes are whole winners. Redditors are sharing the Frank strains which have caught with them.


“Are you making an attempt to maintain us out of Del Boca Vista?”

Frank needs to maneuver to Florida

Jerry has some frustrating Seinfeld relatives, but it surely’s all the time entertaining watching how a lot his dad and mom Morty and Helen dislike George’s dad and mom. Redditor raellybadspeler likes when Frank asks if Morty and Helen are “trying to keep us out of Del Boca Vista” as they do not need Frank and Estelle to dwell there.

Frank’s most hilarious strains are when he is offended, and he feels notably slighted by Morty and Helen. Even although followers know that Frank and Estelle almost definitely will not truly transfer, it is nonetheless entertaining seeing Frank sound so decided.

“We love you like a son, but even parents have limits.”

Estelle and Frank are upset within the season 9 episode “The Junk Mail”

For Redditor Rhymeswithfinechina, one in all Frank’s funniest strains is when he says “George, we’ve had it with you. Understand?” and explains that he and Estelle care about him however they really feel fed up with him. Since that is an sudden factor for a mother or father to say, it is onerous to neglect.

While Frank’s love of Festivus and commentary on his profession make for memorable quotes, Frank’s dynamic with George is a fan favourite a part of the sitcom. It’s simple to think about George saying one thing like this to his personal youngster. Frank does not care if this comes off as harsh or insensitive, he simply needs some peace and quiet. Frank and George will certainly by no means cease irritating one another.

“You come here!”

Frank yells when Estelle says that George is engaged to Susan

When George calls his mother to share the excellent news that he and Susan are engaged, Estelle and Frank start combating instantly, displaying their chaotic relationship. Redditor sm3gmasoup wrote, “I love the scene where George proposes to Susan then calls his parents” and Estelle tells Frank to “come here” and Frank yells “you come here!”

This quote says a lot about Frank’s cussed and generally chilly character. Instead of being excited to listen to concerning the information that his son has to share, he is instantly aggravated with Estelle for making him rise up out of his snug seat.

“The custom of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances.”

Frank shares all about his winter vacation

Festivus is a popular Seinfeld holiday and Frank explains the principles to his household and mates in season 9. Redditor anotherwinter29 loves when Frank says, “I acquired plenty of issues with you individuals! And now you are gonna hear about it!”

Perhaps much more so than the opposite characters, Frank loves getting the chance to elucidate why he is upset, as he will be petty and opposite. The extra that Frank talks a few topic, the extra upset and offended he will get, which regularly causes battle with the individuals round him.

“How do you just walk into a house and take a TV Guide?”

Frank is upset that Elaine stole his TV Guide in season 5

For Redditor stunneddisbelief, it is hilarious when Frank is upset that Elaine takes his copy of TV Guide and by no means returns it. Frank is shocked and asks, “How does she expect you to watch TV? Am I just supposed to turn it on and wander aimlessly around the dial?”

While this quote is a bit dated at this level, it is nonetheless one in all Frank’s biggest quotes, as he’s actually confused about why Elaine would suppose that this was okay habits. While the characters on Seinfeld all behave badly, they like to complain about others appearing poorly, which is all the time humorous.

“Jerry, this is Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner’s here. George is dead. Call me back.”

Frank thinks one thing occurred to George within the season 7 episode “The Caddy”

When George Steinbrenner thinks that George has died when he finds his automotive, Frank leaves this alarming and scary message on Jerry’s answering machine. Redditor gregbananacruz considers this a favourite quote and wrote, “this needs to be made into a t-shirt if it’s not already.”

Even although this is not true, the truth that Frank delivers this horrible information in such a blunt, no-nonsense approach is each memorable and indicative of the form of individual that he’s. It would not happen to Frank to melt his phrases and tone as he is animated and passionate on a regular basis.

“Elaine I could see not saying hello. She’s very, what’s the word…”

Frank cannot consider Jerry and Elaine did not say good day to him

In season 6, George has espresso with Frank, and George mentions that Jerry and Elaine noticed Frank and did not say good day. This is a good callback to an earlier episode when Jerry did not say hello to Uncle Leo. Redditor Guygenius138 posted that Frank’s response is nice, particularly when he calls Elaine “supercilious.”

Both Elaine and Frank have stated a number of the most memorable Seinfeld quotes they usually love speaking about different individuals, particularly if they’ve one thing unfavorable to say. While Frank does not suppose very extremely of Elaine, she does not like him very a lot both, which creates really humorous pressure.

“Your meatloaf is mushy, your salmon croquettes are oily…”

Frank is upset about Estelle’s meals in season 8

For Redditor throw3away3791, it is hilarious when Frank insults Estelle’s cooking and provides, “and your eggplant parmesan is a disgrace to this house!” Of course, Estelle does not love listening to this, which solely provides to the frantic ambiance within the Costanza family.

While Frank and Estelle do cut up up for a time, they continue to be married for a lot of the sitcom, which may appear complicated given how a lot they combat and yell at one another. Frank is typically unable to cease himself from telling Estelle precisely what he thinks, even when it is hurtful.

“My George isn’t clever enough to hatch a scheme like this.”

Frank picks George up from jail in season 8 “The Little Kicks”

George messes up many schemes on Seinfeld, which makes Frank’s quote about George not having the ability to “hatch a scheme” even higher. Redditor razenha likes the scene when Elaine and Frank begin combating when Frank picks George up from jail and Frank questions how George might do that.

Frank’s quote turns into extra significant when Elaine agrees with him after which Frank involves George’s defence instantly, even providing to combat Elaine. While Frank and George have their points getting alongside, Frank does not need another person to insult his son.

“I worked out with a dumbbell yesterday. I feel vigorous!”

Frank is worked up about figuring out

Another unforgettable Frank quote is when he talks about exercising and feeling “vigorous,” which is a selected approach of sharing that he is feeling glad and powerful. Redditor MervynChippington posted about this line and referred to as it a “go-to post-gym meme.”

Frank spends most of his life speaking about his emotions. While he loves sharing when he is mad and upset, he additionally likes to speak about being in a very good temper and feeling enthusiastic about one thing. It’s charming listening to his enjoyment over post-exercise endorphins.

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