Excitingly, Samuel L. Jackson announced that they finished the reshoots lately on Secret Invasion, the subsequent collection within the MCU following She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. As its release in early 2023 creeps nearer and nearer in, followers are desirous to be taught extra about this darkish and mysterious thriller. Naturally, info stays hush-hush, together with the alluringly undisclosed roles for Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, and extra.

Via an interview with Comicbook.com, Kevin Feige has acknowledged Secret Invasion will probably be much more intimate and insular in comparison with the large crossover comics arc. Nevertheless, many followers predict some vital new faces to pop up within the present because the Skrulls change into much more outstanding within the MCU. From Queen Veranke to Captain Britain, these characters serve a notable function within the supply materials and will change into important gamers in Secret Invasion and past.


Queen Veranke

In the comics, there isn’t any secret Skrull invasion with out Queen Veranke, a potential villain who could join the MCU. She rose to guide the Empire and launched the zealous campaign invading Earth to assert it as their new house. Over the years, the Skrulls had established sleeper brokers everywhere in the world, prepared and ready to strike. Though they had been proven much more benevolently in Captain Marvel, the comedian e-book storyline may nonetheless transpire on the Disney+, and it will be unsurprising for Veranke to be the primary antagonist.

Many instinctively pointed to Emilia Clarke to tackle the function, although that would alternatively fall on Carmen Ejogo. While it’s not the case within the comics, it may end up that Talos and Soren’s daughter is definitely Veranke, probably pitting father towards daughter. Decades have handed canonically, so she’d be an grownup and both Clarke or Ejogo could be match for her.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

There’s an thrilling risk linked with introducing Veranke that some followers may not pay attention to. In the Secret Invasion comics arc, she infiltrates the Avengers as none aside from Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. That may very properly imply that if Emilia Clarke is within the function of Veranke, she would naturally be the actress for Spider-Woman, too. Her involvement within the MCU wouldn’t be a one-and-done.

Spider-Woman is a really storied hero within the comics, and fortunately, the possession of her rights isn’t as stringent as Spider-Man’s. Marvel can supposedly use her if she’s not associated to him, which provides hope for her introduction and probably even a solo undertaking someday down the road. If it’s actually Veranke posing as Jessica Drew all through Secret Invasion, probably the true Jessica could be launched within the finale or as a part of a post-credits stinger.


Another character many individuals really feel sure about seeing in Secret Invasion is Hulkling. He’s a outstanding teen hero and one of many few remaining members of the Young Avengers missing from the MCU together with Iron Lad and Noh-Varr. Beyond that, he’s additionally beloved for his heartwarming relationship and eventual marriage with Wiccan. Hulking is an extremely vital hero and a Skrull who may play a big function in Secret Invasion.

In truth, he’s truly half-Skrull, half-Kree, and because the grandson of the Skrull Emperor, he’s inheritor to Skrull Empire. That may put a goal on his again, particularly if Veranke’s the one calling the photographs. At this level, there’s no confirmed forged member, who would match the invoice for Hulkling, however that needs to be a deterrent in hoping to see him quickly.


Kingsley Ben-Adir had been introduced as enjoying a big however undisclosed antagonist in Secret Invasion, and in the event that they’re searching for somebody to play a job past the collection, Kl’rt aka Super-Skrull could be the probably selection. He is a traditional adversary to the Fantastic Four, so together with him right here may set him up because the villain for his or her movie in Phase Six. Along with the pure Skrull capacity to shapeshift, he was given the powers of the Fantastic Four, making him an extremely formidable enemy.

Interestingly, Super-Skrull truly opposed Veranke’s endeavors in Secret Invasion, having change into extra of an anti-hero. Those dynamics may actually be twisted in any method possible, however which may prohibit Ben-Adir for the function. Luckily, there are different potential villains for him to play, like Titannus or Paibok, aka Power Skrull. Alternatively, Super-Skrull could possibly be performed by Killian Scott.

Captain Britain

Supposedly, Olivia Colman will probably be enjoying somebody from Nick Fury’s previous, probably even his British equal, main Excalibur or MI-13. Some followers have even pointed to the likelihood that she could possibly be associated to heroes like Union Jack or Captain Britain. Given the latter’s overarching prevalence all through the comedian and connection to multiversal storytelling, Captain Britain would make for a enjoyable and fascinating inclusion in Secret Invasion.

The two most vital Captain Britains had been the twins, Brian and Betsy Braddock. Either may have a job in Secret Invasion and the MCU at massive. They have served as brokers for MI-13, are linked to Black Knight and the X-Men, and, like Spider-Woman, are logical decisions for the Disney+ collection. If they had been to be launched, it probably wouldn’t be as their fully-realized and costumed selves, however this may set that up.


While most Skrulls have been the villains of varied storylines, a number of have change into considerably heroic figures. One such character is Lyja, who, like Super-Skrull, is deeply linked with the Fantastic Four and has some additional particular superpowers. At occasions, she’s deceived and fought towards them, whereas at others, she’s been their allies – or within the case of Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, his spouse.

With Skrulls being the central focus of Secret Invasion and a confirmed Fantastic Four film arising in late 2024, on the very least, there’ll probably be an eater egg or reference to Lyja. However, because it has been a pattern for the Disney+ reveals, Secret Invasion may introduce her in a minor or supporting function to arrange extra important appearances farther down the road. This would even be a job both Emilia Clarke or Carmen Ejogo may play as properly.

Abigail Brand

Back in 2019 on the final Comic-Con that Marvel attended till this yr, Kevin Feige rapidly slipped within the announcement that mutants and the X-Men are coming to the MCU. Ever since then, followers have been theorizing relentlessly about how they may come into play in almost each single movie and TV present. Thanks to the groundbreaking developments in Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion may play a job in these plans by introducing Abigail Brand.

She is a mysterious character – a green-haired mutant-alien hybrid with pyrokinesis – and an vital agent in S.W.O.R.D. Since that group was launched in WandaVision, that might make her involvement all of the extra probably. She was one other identify on the prime of many followers’ lists for who Emilia Clarke may play.

Empress R’Kill

Veranke was capable of management the Skrull Empire after their house world was destroyed by Galactus. But their world’s destruction isn’t the way it’s been established within the MCU. Instead, their house was destroyed by the Kree throughout their conflict, which may’ve left an influence vacuum, permitting Talos to change into their chief. However, remnants of the Empire may nonetheless be on the market, together with Empress R’Kill.

R’Kill is the spouse and assassin of Emperor Dorrek VII, mom to Princess Anelle, and thus grandmother to Hulkling. She isn’t energetic throughout the Secret Invasion arc within the comics however may play some function within the collection, particularly if Hulking can also be launched in a big function. Again, she’s a personality who may alternatively be referenced within the dialogue or an Easter egg.

Norman Osborn

An vital factor to consider relating to Secret Invasion is what it units up. The Marvels might be essentially the most intently associated undertaking following it, however the present may produce other long-lasting implications for the increasing MCU. One such method could be by introducing this universe’s Norman Osborn. Of course, Willem Defoe masterfully reprised because the Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home, however Norman Osborn shouldn’t be relegated to only being a fantastic Spider-Man villain like Black Cat or Rhino.

In truth, his inclusion may showcase parts of him as a politician and enterprise tycoon – one thing that wasn’t actually explored in previous portrayals. Importantly, he used the chaos that ensued throughout Secret Invasion to launch his personal takeover and created the Dark Avengers. Christopher McDonald is ready to seem in Secret Invasion and could possibly be match for this kind of depiction which may contain him in Thunderbolts – although it could possibly be identified that Valentina Allegra de Fontaine may serve an identical function.


With She-Hulk: Attorney at Law now up and working, followers are already questioning whether or not it is going to be a miniseries like WandaVision or if it can get a second season like Loki. If it’s the previous, Secret Invasion may assist by introducing considered one of She-Hulk’s favourite allies, Jazinda. She acts like an investigator and bounty hunter for She-Hulk, often serving to her out with a case right here or there.

Jazinda is definitely Super-Skrull’s daughter, although they don’t get alongside. Interestingly, the script could possibly be flipped, and he or she may nonetheless be launched in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law in a technique to arrange Secret Invasion. Regardless, when she does arrive, Jazinda would nonetheless be capable to maintain her personal fairly properly and will participate within the large battle anticipated to occur in Avengers: Secret Wars.

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