In the most recent challenge of Marvel Comics’ Trial of Magneto, Wanda Maximoff’s Scarlet Witch is aware of who killed her (and it wasn’t her “father”).

Warning! Spoilers forward for The Trial of Magneto #4

While Marvel’s Scarlet Witch was not too long ago murdered, the highly effective magic-user bought over it fairly rapidly and has already come again from the useless. However, she now is aware of who killed her. While the first suspect had been Wanda Maximoff’s “father” Magneto, that not seems to be the case as The Trial of Magneto has progressed. Instead, it appears to be like as if somebody was attempting to border the Master of Magnetism utilizing related strategies after they killed the Scarlet Witch.

In earlier problems with The Trial of Magneto from Leah Williams, Lucas Werneck, and David Messina, an post-mortem revealed that Wanda was seemingly killed by way of strangulation by somebody able to manipulating steel on the mutant island nation of Krakoa. While cursory proof pointed to Magneto being Wanda’s killer, it does not appear as if the previous X-Men villain would have the motivation. Magento nonetheless sees Scarlet Witch as his daughter (regardless of their lack of a organic connection), so why would he kill her?


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All the identical, Wanda Maximoff got here again to the land of the residing fairly rapidly. Despite her darkish previous the place the Scarlet Witch nearly caused a complete genocide of mutants in House of M, Krakoa’s Five used their resurrection protocols to carry her again (ignoring the Quiet Council’s choice to not revive her). However, the reminiscence backup they’d was from earlier than House of M, leading to a youthful model of Wanda coming again whereas her current self and future self battle in a mystical realm often known as the Eldritch Orchard in Trial of Magneto #4. Regardless, these three Scarlet Witches ultimately reconstitute themselves again into the current Wanda, and he or she quickly reveals that she is aware of who tried to kill her.


Because Wanda embraces her “father” and stands by his facet when she claims to know who murdered her, the problem seemingly confirms that Magneto is just not the Scarlet Witch’s killer. Instead, it’s miles extra doubtless that the killer is without doubt one of the many mutants on Krakoa who nonetheless despise Wanda for the sins of her previous, desirous to see her pay together with her life while setting up Magneto to be the perfect scapegoat.

As it stands, it might very properly be that this complete homicide thriller stems from mutants’ ongoing hatred for the Scarlet Witch. While she might have reconciled all of the components of herself and the guilt she’s carried for years, that does not imply each mutant on Krakoa has forgiven her. Now, a number of mutants are closing in whereas Scarlet Witch is defended by a group of X-Men and Avengers. However, it is doubtless that Wanda Maximoff’s killer will lastly be revealed when the following challenge of The Trial of Magneto releases on December twenty second.

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