The article follows a earlier Dispatch exposé.

On December 22, SBS News launched much more textual content messages between Chuu and workers of BlockBerry Creative. The textual content messages present a strained relationship between Chuu and the label.

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Previously, Blockberry Creative parted methods with Chuu final month after confirming she had used the abuse of energy in a office setting. After the lawsuit for an injunction to droop the validity of the unique contract in March, Chuu had been working with the company to readjust the settlement price and to take part solely in group actions.

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SBS News alleged that within the new textual content messages they acquired,  Chuu appeared to ask for preferential remedy to the detriment of different LOONA members.

In one of many textual content messages, Chuu is seen berating her supervisor for not confirming an upcoming filming schedule along with her.

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  • Chuu: When I stated that I used to be obtainable for a day, I didn’t imply I used to be comfortable with losing it. If it’s going to be like this, I’m not going to take part in group actions.
  • Chuu: Are you enjoying with the ready instances? You despatched the timetable with out confirming with me. Count this because the final time.
  • Manager B: I feel there was a lapse in communication. If you give us your opinion, we’ll do our greatest to respect it.
  • Chuu: From now on.
  • Manager B: Yes, I can be conscious any longer.

In one other sequence of messages, Chuu may be seen threatening to not take part in a docuseries as a result of ready time. The supervisor is lastly seen relenting and apologizing to Chuu and promising to work on minimizing the idol’s wait time sooner or later.

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  • Chuu: I believed you wished me to take part within the documentary.
  • Chuu: If you’re going to make me wait like this.”
  • Chuu: I
  • Chuu: am going to give up instantly.
  • Chuu: Seriously
  • Chuu: Do you suppose I’m enjoying?
  • Chuu: If enjoying with my cash wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, you refuse to acknowledge your errors and preserve making an attempt to deal with me as you’d like. I can see it.
  • Chuu: Starting from distributing the components
  • Chuu: To the opening strains
  • Chuu: You know all of it violates my contract, proper?
  • Manager B: We will work on minimalizing your wait time throughout filming.
  • Chuu: I imagine I’ve informed you about ready instances earlier than, nevertheless it appears nothing is being executed
  • Manager B: From now on, we’ll work so this by no means occurs once more.
  • Manager B: I’m sorry.

During filming for the group’s “Season’s Greetings” items units, Chuu may be seen asking to take a look at the opposite member’s movie schedules. Chuu then states the ready time is just too lengthy and asks for the movie schedule to work round her.

According to the supervisor accountable for the filming schedule, Chuu’s calls for negatively affected different LOONA members.

For the group shot, we preserve the member’s wardrobe and choreography in thoughts when making the schedule. However, resulting from Chuu deciding her schedule and telling her label that she can be leaving, her members have been shocked. The different members’ emotions should’ve been harm.

— Filming scheduler

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  • Chuu: in regards to the season’s greetings [shoot] subsequent Monday, please ship me the timetable earlier than it’s put out.
  • Manager B: positive, only a second. We are arranging it to reduce the time Jiwoo-nim has to remain there. As quickly because it’s out, we’ll ship it to you first and in addition talk about it with you first.
  • Chuu: not simply the time but additionally for the season’s greetings.
  • Manager B: sure. [file]. Take a glance and if there’s something you wish to be mirrored, tell us.
  • Chuu: the time I’ve to take part is just too lengthy. Please preserve it to 7. Whether you convey ahead the final group shot and let me depart first, I feel it’s important to transfer it in that course.
  • Manager B: okay. I’ll prepare it and reply to you. Jiwoo-nim, we’ve checked about adjusting the schedule, and I feel it’ll be tough. I’m sorry I wasn’t in a position to assist. It’s tough for me to do it on my finish. If you’ll be able to ship an official request via your mom, I’ll be grateful.
  • Chuu: okay~-

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  • Chuu: CEO, I’m not paying for your entire group’s debt, proper?
  • CEO A: in fact not. If there’s something you wish to know, please write it out and ship it to me. So the person departments can determine it out and allow you to know once more. It looks as if most of what you wish to know is relating to funds, so I’ll talk about it with the accounting division and inform you.
  • Chuu: I’m speaking to you in regards to the funds once more however sooner or later, depart me out of issues purchased for the dorm. I’m making an attempt to get a home close to the dorm now with my household, so please exclude me from money owed relating to the dorms.

This isn’t the primary time Chuu made information resulting from her textual content messages. Earlier, Dispatch additionally launched an exposé through which they revealed textual content messages from Chuu.

The Dispatch article additionally revealed the accounting scheme BlockBerry Creative tried to drag, which finally backfired and led to the courtroom siding with Chuu.

Dispatch Releases Explosive Exposé On Chuu’s Feud With BlockBerry Creative — Text Messages Shed New Light On Fall Out

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