Actor Sayantani Ghosh met Tunisha Sharma only a day earlier than the 20-year-old died of suicide on the units of her TV present Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul on December 24. Ghosh remains to be processing the information. “It’s not easy, it still hasn’t sunk in. It’s shaken me and it doesn’t sit well. I still can’t believe it. The heaviness is just pulling me down. I want to cry it out loud, but I’m unable to cry. I wish this was a bad dream and I woke up,” Ghosh laments.

Ghosh remains to be processing the information, which has shaken her as properly. “It raises a lot of questions within. Everything becomes meaningless. We aspire for things and have our dreams but then one moment changes everything. This is beyond acceptance,” she shares.

Both Sharma and Ghosh didn’t have many scenes within the present, nevertheless, they bonded properly on various things like hand lotions. “She was like a butterfly, always chirpy, and had a wide smile on her face. She would come and hug everyone on set. She was very dedicated to her work and that’s what I remember her as. This is beyond acceptance, I see her smiling face. Just talking about her in the past tense gives me knots in my heart,” she elaborates.

While Sharma died of suicide, she in 2021 had spoken about her tryst with melancholy. The dialog about Sharma’s dying has as soon as once more diverted from psychological well being to one thing else.

“With Tunisha I felt that she was such a happy go lucky girl, why would she go ahead and do something like that, but that’s the point you never understand things from the outside. I believe that we’ve moved away from the basics of life, the core points of life. Most of us struggle with anxiety and stress these days. A lot of people say, ‘Love your own life,’ ‘Don’t give up on your life’, but we would never understand what they are going through, we are not in their shoes. Also, there’s so much stigma around mental health with people saying things like Be strong. I think it takes a lot more strength to do something like that. Different people react differently,” she explains.

Ghosh is but to speak to Sharma’s mom, Vanita. “It was so sad to see her faint. It was heart-wrenching,” Ghosh ends.

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