Espionage thrillers in Bollywood are typically hyper-stylised. That is what units Mission Majnu aside, believes Shantanu Bagchi. The director says that he has lent a practical therapy to the Netflix movie that sees Sidharth Malhotra as an secret agent who heads to Pakistan to seek out details about its nuclear weapon facility. “Our job is to have interaction the viewers. So, we’ve got [depicted] the lifetime of a spy actually, in contrast to many different movies the place the agent is stylised and dramatic. While there are over-the-top brokers like James Bond, right here, he’s actual,” he shares.

Shantanu Bagchi

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What makes an espionage thriller tough is that it could actually usually tilt in direction of turning into a jingoistic movie. Bagchi agrees that one must tread with warning. “You solely go overboard whenever you assume individuals won’t get what you’re attempting to say. But the viewers is clever. So, even somewhat goes to make an impression. When any person is speaking about their nation and patriotism, it ought to seem like he feels it, and never as if he’s simply mouthing the dialogues.” He provides that Malhotra was the proper match for the function. “Sid is nice in such a practical function; it wasn’t about being flashy. I wished the viewers to attach with the protagonist.”

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