Sandara Park has candidly spoken about relationship ideas, her wealth, 2NE1’s reunion at Coachella, and extra!

On the October 5 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House,” Sandara Park appeared as a visitor alongside her shut good friend Park So Hyun.

During the episode, Sandara Park defined why she was thought-about an knowledgeable in no-contact relationship, revealing that she had been relationship with out face-to-face interplay from earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared, “I’m a cyber lover. I followed all the dating bans enforced by my [agency] CEO in the past. I had a ‘good kid’ complex, so if they said ‘no dating’ then I didn’t do it.”

Sandara elaborated, “Even if men came to see me [at my dorm], I’d turn them away saying I’d get in trouble. I’d say, ‘I think there are paparazzi in front of my house’ but they all said that no one was paying attention to me. After that, I’ve dated face-to-face but no one believes me!”

Host Jung Hyung Don expressed his amazement that Sandara Park had by no means been caught up in a relationship scandal, to which she well replied, “We break up before photos can be taken. You just have to break up before rumors spread.” She then added that this was solely doable as a result of she hasn’t but been in a long-term relationship.

When requested if she’s ever been near being caught, Sandara Park excitedly recalled, “Right when I started dating face-to-face, in the middle of winter, if you wear a mask, long padding, and a scarf, then you aren’t easily recognizable. We decided to go to the popular Gyeongridan street and we went holding hands. But if you go to a restaurant, you have to take off your mask so we couldn’t go.” She casually continued, “That’s also because the other person was a celebrity too,” thrilling the hosts.

Sandara added that they have been drawn to the scent of roasted candy potatoes however as soon as they obtained there, they realized that rapper Cheetah, who is nice buddies with Sandara, was the one promoting them for a charity occasion. Due to the potential for rumors spreading in the event that they have been found there, Sandara defined that they sadly needed to run away.

The star shared that this relationship additionally ended earlier than pictures have been taken of them after which commented, “Now, I want a long-term relationship. I’ve moved out on my own, my situation’s better, and I’ve become more mature.”

Later, Sandara responded to an article that named her because the third wealthiest feminine K-pop singer behind IU and Lee Hyori. She commented, “There was an article that said I had 30 billion won [approximately $21,178,974]. I was so sad. What do they mean, 30 billion? It felt so unfair.”

She added, “After debuting, I do think I’ve earned around 30 billion won but I shared with my agency and members and also paid taxes. I also shopped like crazy so I wasn’t able to buy a building. These days, when I see my colleagues, I think that I could’ve bought a building if I didn’t shop. Now, I do not have 30 billion won. I do have 3 million won [approximately $2,118].”


This previous April, 2NE1 reunited on stage for the primary time in seven years at Coachella when Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy joined CL’s set with 88rising. Sandara Park detailed how this got here to be, saying, “[Coachella] is the world’s biggest festival and I went thinking that we had to meet fans here but it was hard. We signed a confidentiality agreement. No one knew, including my agency and my closest friends. I felt so apologetic.”


Revealing that CL had cried a ton following their efficiency, Sandara Park shared, “CL doesn’t cry when we win first place, doesn’t cry when there are earthquakes, and has an incredibly cool-headed personality. After our performance, we were together for 10 days in the United States. It was the day Bom and I were returning to Korea first. That day, CL cried so much that we couldn’t leave. [She said,] ‘If we part ways after getting together like this, I think I’ll miss you so much.’ Because CL typically promotes in the United States. That was the first time I had seen her like that so I was incredibly surprised and sad.”


Given the joy of the Coachella efficiency, many followers have inevitably been ready for an official 2NE1 comeback. Regarding the potential for this truly taking place, Sandara Park answered, “We want to do it too but because our agencies are all different, [it’s difficult].”

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