Sam Wilson stands out as the new Captain America, so why does Marvel preserve giving him the leftovers of Steve Rogers’ tales?

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7

In present Marvel continuity, there are two individuals with the identify Captain America – however Marvel solely appears concerned with telling the story of 1 over the opposite. Sam Wilson shares the mantle with Steve Rogers, however just lately the pair have separated into their very own particular person collection. Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7 showcases the issue of forcing Wilson into the Captain America function with out giving him his personal villains – or supporting characters.


While Steve Rogers investigates a worldwide conspiracy idea in his personal guide, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Sam Wilson has simply completed his personal journey in Wakanda. The White Wolf, the Black Panther’s white adopted brother, needs to destabilize Wakanda – and whereas his efforts resulted in failure, Sam Wilson has unwittingly practically dragged Wakanda into struggle with the US due to a misunderstanding. In his new storyline, Wilson is tasked with defending the newly-elected Prime Minster of Mohanda – however this ends in tragedy when the Prime Minster is assassinated and Joaquin, the brand new Falcon, is severely injured.

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In Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7, written by Tochi Onyebuchi with artwork by IG Guara, Sam Wilson is launched to a brand new ally: Nomad, higher often known as Ian, a creation of Armin Zola and Captain America’s adopted son. More particularly, he is Steve Rogers’ adopted son and has little or no to do with Sam from a story standpoint. Although Nomad has appreciable abilities in fight and is now an alternative choice to the out-of-commission Falcon, he is nonetheless a relic of Steve Rogers’ previous story, not Sam’s.

Sam Wilson Is Weighed Down By Steve Rogers’ Legacy

Sam Wilson and Nomad

Sam Wilson does have his personal set of supporting characters and supervillains, however sadly they’re characterised by Steve’s personal roster. For instance, Sam has a Falcon because Steve also had a Falcon, and now Sam Wilson is caught with Nomad. Unfortunately, each time Sam Wilson goes at it alone, he is usually saddled with Wakanda-based tales, if for no different purpose than Sam is black and writers assume he would match right into a Wakanda narrative; in actuality, Sam is an American and must spend extra time with home affairs slightly than foreign-based tales.

The globe-trotting adventures swimsuit Captain America effectively, however Sam has one advantage over Steve: he was not frozen in time and has seen all the great and dangerous issues America has to supply. It ought to be Sam who offers with threats on American shores and Steve who tackles international coverage, not the opposite method round. The new Captain America should spend extra time in his dwelling nation, however alas, Marvel sees match to tack on Steve Rogers’ tales to Sam Wilson, to each males’s detriment.

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