The Hollows was a comic book e book collection published in 2012 and 2013 from IDW Publishing, by Sam Kieth and Chris Ryall. a few “near-future Japan, where burned-out husks-the Hollows-wantonly devour souls throughout the city. Far above, a segment of society lives safely in giant tree-cities, but the problems below have a way of growing out of control… When living above the chaos and soul-stealing “hollows” is no longer an option, can Kobayashi manage to rise above the impending doom that surrounds he and his loved ones…?” Ten years later and The Hollows is coming to Image Comics, with a brand new one-shot.

Sam Kieth & Chris Ryall Takes The Hollows From IDW To Image Comics

Critically acclaimed artist Sam Kieth and author Chris Ryall crew up for a science fiction journey within the upcoming The Hollows. This dystopian one-shot story will hit cabinets from Image Comics in July.

In this specifically priced, extra-length comedian, readers are transported to a near-future Japan, the place spectral, once-human husks prey on the unfortunates who could not discover salvation within the skyscraper-like bushes that now dominate the decimated panorama. A discredited scientist works furiously to discover a treatment, till a one-eyed orphan lady and her pet, uh, Urp, power him to rethink every thing he is aware of…

“Working with Sam Kieth is always an invigorating, inspiring time,” stated Ryall. “The Hollows was a true blending of our ideas, worlds, and styles into something wholly unique and engaging for me as his co-creator. And I hope people who read it feel the same way.”

The Hollows one-shot might be out there at comedian e book outlets on Wednesday, July 27.

This could also be from Syzygy Publishing, Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood‘s new publishing enterprise by means of Image Comics. Ryall was most lately President, Publisher and CCO at IDW, there over nearly twenty years, with a short sojourn at Skybound. Sam Kieth is a comic book e book creator greatest recognized for an early Image Comics title from 30 years in the past, The Maxx, which was tailored as a cartoon on MTV.



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