Salman Khan on charging 1000 crore for Bigg Boss 16

Salman Khan who’s all set to return as a number for Bigg Boss 16 made some epic revelations on the launch of Bigg Boss 16. Salman talked about internet hosting 12 seasons of the present again to again, his mom not following Bigg Boss 15, and his much-talked-about remuneration.

Talking about dropping his mood and getting affected by contestants, Salman stated, “Yes, sometimes I have to go out of limit because the contestants go overboard. The viewers only watch an hour of episode which is edited but the actual footage we see and the viewers not always understand why I reacted so loudly. They see the edited stuff. Woh nahi dekh paate ke kis level ki badtameezi ki level Paar kar dete hain log. I interfere to stop them from crossing the limit. It doesn’t affect me I have other problems to deal with.”

He added, “There are times when I get irritated and I tell the channel that I don’t want to host the show. But they don’t have a choice so they come back to me. If they had the choice they would have replaced me long back. They would never come to replace me. There are a lot of people who have replaced me.”

When requested about competitors from different exhibits of comparable format, Salman stated, “The more the competition the better it is. The competition will only increase our level and others too. It will increase our and reality show’s level. Unless you are trying to pull someone down, that is not competition. It should be healthy.”

Clearing the air on his Rs 1000 crore remuneration, he stated, “All those reports about my fees are untrue. If I ever get paid Rs 1000 crore I would never work in my life. But there will be a day when I will be paid this amount. If I get paid this amount I have so many other expenses like lawyers that I actually need them. My lawyers are no less than Salman Khan. My earnings are not even one-fourth of it. These reports are read by income tax and ED department too.”

On his mom being a fan of Bigg Boss, Salman shared, “My mother used to watch Bigg Boss a lot, but she has stopped watching. She has started watching other shows. Gauahar’s season she watched. She watched till the 14th season, last season she watched only when I was there. Hiroo aunty also told me it is getting too much.”

He added, “They give me advise and then I get carried away. I go there and then scold them. They say bajao this people and I get carried away. They ask me go and do something. I get all charged.”

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