After making the main South Indian actors dance to his tunes, Devi Sri Prasad has returned his sights on Hindi movies. The composer, known as DSP by his followers and colleagues, reunited with Salman Khan in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’s “Seeti Maar”, a recreation of his earlier hit with Allu Arjun. “This has become much bigger than what we thought,” the composer mentioned concerning the track which has acquired excessive reactions from followers.

“When Prabhudheva sir called me for Radhe, I was very excited. I suggested ‘Seeti Maar’ to him because I always wanted to make this song in Hindi. When he and Salman Khan sir heard the song, they loved it. Salman sir called me up personally and asked if I can compose the song for him and I replied, ‘Of course!’” he informed

This is the second time that DSP and Salman Khan have labored collectively. He earlier recreated Allu Arjun’s track “Ringa Ringa” for the actor as “Dhinka Chika,” which went onto turn out to be successful. When requested if Salman’s music sensibility has modified over time, DSP mentioned that the famous person is an absolute music lover. “He loves music, which is why he is able to identify good music and most of his films have chartbuster music. There’s a huge music lover in him, which has not changed (over the years). He is always excited like a kid when he listens to good music and comes up with an exciting idea and inputs. It’s fun to work with him,” he expressed.

But has Bollywood been a dream for DSP? “Definitely, Bollywood has always been on the list. For any artist, it is the biggest dream for his work to reach places. Right from the time I did “Dhinka Chika,” I had presents however I used to be again to doing Tamil and Telugu movies. Now, throughout the lockdown, I’ve tried to analyse numerous issues and maintain time for every part. So, now you’d be seeing me extra in Bollywood,” the Arya 2 composer said.

“Seeti Maar” in Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai, which launched on May 13 on ZeePlex and a number of other different platforms, is completely different from the unique. The composer says it was an intentional change as a result of Allu Arjun and Salman Khan have completely different personalities.

“Allu Arjun is a dancer while Salman Khan has a swag of his own. He invents steps that become popular among the audiences, even kids. Be it “Dhinka Chika,” “Swag Se Swagat” or the hoodie step in “Seeti Maar,” he has a knack for singing standard. I used to be on the units when the track was being shot. And the second I noticed Salman sir do the hook step of “Seeti Maar,” I knew it might go viral, and that’s precisely what has occurred. As far as modifications are involved, we made it extra of a celebration track and added beats that go well with Salman’s childlike allure and his superhero character. Just like how Rajinikanth can create a larger-than-life aura of on display, Salman has the identical character,” he informed.

But “Seeti Maar” provides to the record of thousand of recreations Bollywood has already seen. DSP is at pains to elucidate the distinction between recreations and remixes. “Recreation is like finding another market for the work you have done already, which is good for an artist who is trying to make his work reach to a wider audience. The biggest success for an artist is to know that his work is being recognised around the world. No matter how big you are, once you are gone, people will remember you by your work. So, for your work to be remembered, it should reach more people. In India, we have hundreds of languages, so it is important to recreate the song in other languages. But there are two things to consider. First, you should know the song’s potential and if it will suit the actor that is going to feature in it. And second, you should know the language because the expression is what the song is everything about. Knowledge of a language helps.”

He says he’s in opposition to remixes, “Remix is recreating someone else’s work, which I do not encourage. It is against my principles. I don’t feel it is ethical. I might listen to a remix song composed by someone else but I myself will never do it.”

“When I was a kid, I used to listen to remixes of old songs by RD Burman sir, Mohd Rafi sir and Kishore Kumar sir. It used to come like an independent album. So, that actually helped the next generation in knowing about the great music compsed earlier. That is how I got to know about songs like “Chura Liya Hai” or “Aap Jaisa Koi.” But the great thing about it was that the track was credited to authentic singer, composer and lyricist. It was moral. Now, they take hook of the track, which is its soul. And on high of that, the current era suppose it’s initially composed by the musician who remixed it, which is unsuitable. Creation is a course of. So, you can’t raise another person’s work and put your title to it. If you contemplate your self an actual artist and respect your self, you’ll by no means put your title in another person’s creation. I gained’t try this it doesn’t matter what I’m supplied for it,” he says.

Talking about music being made in Bollywood at current, DSP believes one important factor is missing. “A movie is not scored by one particular music composer here, which happens down south. When one composer scores music for the film, he is able to understand the concept, he puts life into the music. Right now, Bollywood is taking songs composed by different musicians and putting them together. A lot of times, the musician won’t even know the concept of the film. Of course, the director knows what they want. But a single composer will have a lot to say via music if he is composing for the whole film. Once Mahesh Babu gave me a great compliment that I am a narrator who narrates the story through music. But on the other hand, because Bollywood is so big, even one song gives you a lot of recognition, like it happened with me. But there is a down side to it as the song may be a hit but no one knows who composed it.”

The Pushpa composer mentioned that he’s trying ahead to a chance to compose music for Shah Rukh Khan. In reality, he mentioned he additionally has a track prepared for Salman Khan if he’s given a chance to compose for the actor once more.

“Shah Rukh Khan, one man I all the time wished to compose music for. There is one track that I wish to compose for him – ‘Charu Sheela Swapna Bala,’” he says, adding that the song “Pakka Local” will suit Salman Khan best. “Imagine him taking out his handkerchief and doing ‘Pakka Local’ in his fashion. It can be such a massy observe,” an excited DSP mentioned.

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