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The episode begins with Gehna asking them to untie her, however she is terrified when she sees the shock remedy equipment. They are going to shock her, however Siddharth, who resembles Anant, intervenes. When Gehna sees him, he smiles ( Tere Liye music performs within the background ). He warns her to not misread and chastises others for mistreating Gehna. He releases Gehna and discusses Gupta’s suspension.

He inquires as to whether or not they have accomplished their emotional play and informs them that it seems that everyone seems to be as enraged as Gehna. Pankaj inquires about his whereabouts. Siddharth inquires of Krishna as to what’s going on. Kanak is perplexed as to who this man who resembles Anant is.

Gehna informs Siddharth that she is aware of he’ll come again and that she informed everybody he saved her, however nobody believed her. Now that he has returned, everybody will consider her. He requests that she stop referring to him as Anant as a result of he’s not. She is about to hug him when he stops her and tells her that he’ll give her medicines and that she ought to take them correctly and return residence as soon as she has recovered fully. He then walks away. She pursues him and inquires as to why he’s performing so surprisingly. She requests that he inform her the reality. He inquires as as to whether she intends to flee the hospital utilizing him, and advises her to not waste his time. Gehna is being held by two women who demand that she return the jewelry.

She asks him to avoid wasting her from these women. He asks her about her guts. Gehna tells these women that she didn’t steal their jewels and asks them to catch the true offender. He holds her earlier than she falls.

Paresh tells Desai’s that everybody looking for Gehna. Siddharth brings Gehna there. Everyone shocks seeing Siddharth with Gehna. He places Gehna on the couch and she or he regains her consciousness. Jamuna calls Siddharth Anant and kisses him. Siddharth tells them that Anant is again to his household and it was actually laborious for him to avoid them after which begins laughing which confuses others
She requests that he save her from the females. He inquires about her intestines. Gehna informs the women that she didn’t steal their diamonds and requests that they discover the true offender. He catches her earlier than she falls.

Paresh informs Desai that everybody is in search of Gehna. Gehna is introduced there by Siddharth. Everyone is stunned after they see Siddharth with Gehna. Gehna regains consciousness after he locations her on the couch. Jamuna introduces Siddharth to his associates as Anant and kisses him. Siddharth informs them that Anant has returned to his household and that it was actually tough for him to be other than them, after which begins laughing, which perplexes the others

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