Avengers: Endgame ended on a bittersweet notice (properly, extra bitter for Tony Stark followers) as Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man sacrificed himself to avoid wasting the universe. Endgame was touted to be Downey Jr’s final look within the Marvel Cinematic Universe,  although followers are hoping that there is likely to be some miraculous reversal of kinds and that the character would possibly return.

Recently, it was revealed that Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man and starred as Happy Hogan within the movies, actually tried laborious to avoid wasting the character and even begged Endgame administrators, Joe and Anthony Russo to avoid wasting him. While speaking about Iron Man’s demise, Anthony informed Vanity Fair, “Part of the pressure came from Jon Favreau, who called us up after he read the script… and said to us, ‘Are you really going to kill Iron Man?’”

Joe added, “I remember pacing on the corner of a stage on the phone with Favreau trying to talk him off a ledge. Because he’s like, ‘You can’t do this. It’s gonna devastate people, and you don’t want them, you know, walking out of the theater and into traffic.’ We did it anyway.”

In the movie, Tony Stark dies after sacrificing himself to avoid wasting Thanos from wiping out the universe. Avengers Endgame turned a raging success and emerged as one of many highest-earning blockbusters. At the San Diego Comic Con, two new Avengers movies had been introduced, among several other Marvel projects. 

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