After that splendid efficiency of Zoro in his battle towards Kaidou and King, we’re placing the highlight on him. Even the Zanji fanatics would agree that his battle is a significant spotlight on the Wano Arc. We have been initially hoping that the land of the Samurai would offer a solution to some unanswered questions on the swordsman’s backstory. Unfortunately, it solely led to extra questions. The pirate hunter has been there for the reason that first Arc of One Piece; nonetheless, details about his existence has continued to evade us. With this Roronoa Zoro Wano concept, we hope that we will make clear this character that continues to baffle us.


Interesting Roronoa Zoro Wano Theory that Does or Doesn’t Make Sense

Credits: Weekly Shonen Jump

Admit it,  a few of us hoped that Wano Arc was Zoro’s Arc. We have seen Nami’s dramatic background story on the Arlong Park Arc, Robin’s tragic historical past on the Enies Lobby, and Sanji’s eccentric household on the Whole Cake Island Arc. Unfortunately, plainly followers of this manga sequence shall be dissatisfied. As the conclusion attracts close to, we’re beginning to perceive that the Arc showcases the transition of Luffy from a personality that rivals the facility of the Yonkou to the King of the Pirates. Still, since Wano has already given us a glimpse of the backstory of Zoro, the subsequent Arc will likely be about him. In the meantime, right here is an thrilling Ronoroa Zoro Wano concept that we have to look into.


Zoro is from the Past


This is a repeated  Roronoa Zoro Wano fan concept that we regularly encounter on Reddit and Quora. Some customers claimed that Zoro and Toki are associated and that Toki by chance despatched a child Zoro to the long run. Toki initially got here from a civilization greater than 800 years in the past. It was talked about that she traveled to the long run a number of occasions to flee risks and doubtless to seek out somebody. While the thought of time touring is a loopy technique to join Toki with Zoro, allow us to first contemplate what they’re attempting to level out.


Why It Doesn’t Make Sense

Hiyori and Zoro

Credit: Weekly Shonen Jump

  • The similarity of Hair Color- Well, if hair shade is the premise of the connection among the many characters in One Piece, then Cavendish, Hawkins, and Sanji are all associated. Let’s additionally do not forget that the unique shade of Zoro’s hair was brown-orange.


  • The Unusual Closeness with Hiyori- This appears odd since Zoro is not going to be excited about a lady except she’s a great swordsman. However, this isn’t the primary time that Zoro saved a lady. He additionally saved Robin and O-Tsuru. So, this proof on Roronoa Zoro Wano concept appears implausible.


  • Shimotsuki Kozaburo in East Blue- It appears unbelievable that Shimotsuki Kozaburo illegally departed from the land of the Samurai to determine a small village within the distant East Blue. Then got here Zoro, who appeared unannounced, difficult the grasp of the Dojo. It’s too onerous to consider that this can be a coincidence; possibly, it is part of a grand plan. Kozaburo was additionally a wished felony for unknown causes. However, Shimotsuki left Wano 55 years in the past, earlier than the looks of Toki. Therefore, it’s inconceivable for them to have a connection.


Why It Makes Sense

Roronoa Zoro Theory Ryuma Credit: Ryuma-Eiichiro Oda-1994 Shonen Jump

  • Uncanny Similarities With Ryuma- Some of us have been satisfied that Zoro and Ryuma are associated to 1 one other. However, since Ryoma died method earlier than the pirate hunter was born, the thought appears far-fetched. Now Enter Toki with the flexibility to ship somebody to the long run. The Roronoa Zoro Wano concept doesn’t sound too ridiculous in any respect.


  • Poor Sense of Direction- Some followers consider that his poor sense of route is as a result of he was misplaced in time. Nami has additionally identified that he has already misplaced his sense of route since his start.


So what’s the opportunity of this Roronoa Zoro Wano concept? Zoro certainly has a reference to the Wano village. If that relationship is with Toki, Ryuma, or each, we will certainly discover out within the subsequent Arc together with the premonition of Kozuki Toki.

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