Rohit Bhardwaj, who is thought for his function of Yudhisther in Mahabharath, goes by a tricky section in his life. Rohit and his household have now examined optimistic for COVID-19 simply after having misplaced his mom a number of days in the past.

Rohit, shared his emotions on his social media account, and mentioned, “It’s been really hard for me. My mother passed away a few days ago. She was my emotional anchor, I was very attached to her. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and passed away. In fact she had spoken to me just an hour earlier and everything was so fine. When I got a call, I immediately flew to Delhi where my family is and thankfully, I was able to see my mom while she was on the ventilator. She saw me, I saw her and we both had tears in our eyes and then she closed her eyes and was gone forever. I really miss her.”

Talking about testing optimistic for COVID-19, he says, “My dad, my brother and bhabhi, their children and other family members are all COVID positive. I am most worried about my dad as he is a heart patient and diabetic too. I try not to leave him alone even for a minute. Plus, things are not so good in Delhi. Thankfully, we have several good doctors within the family who have been a huge support,”

He additional added, “There are a lot of lessons that one can learn about life and death from Mahabharat, and I think I need to watch my own show again for some enlightenment. This is the toughest phase of my life. I need to heal. I want to hear some of my own dialogues. In fact they play in my mind very often these days,”

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