Faisal arrived at his household residence and his father requested as soon as extra why he remained proof against marrying a lady. He was by now not an adolescent and, in Saudi Arabia, the expectation is that males ought to calm down, get married and have kids.

Yet Faisal, as a closeted homosexual man, delayed. His father, described by his son as a “powerful man” in the area people, had mates in helpful locations. He made contact with a psychiatrist, who Faisal says often labored at a public hospital specialising within the therapy of psychological sickness and dependancy.

Faisal alleges that his father requested one of many specialists from the hospital to befriend his son. He tasked the medic with the problem of “working out” why his son had refused to marry. He suspected his son could also be gay. The medical skilled got here to the household residence, the place Faisal ultimately revealed his sexuality.

At the household residence, the “treatment” started. “Torture” is a powerful, loaded phrase, however that is how Faisal describes the method of tried conversion remedy. The strategies inflicted upon “patients” are bodily vicious and psychologically merciless.

“These were the psychiatrist’s tactics for defeating my inner gay demon,” he says, sarcastically.

The psychiatrist began by asking Faisal to observe homosexual pornography and masturbate. The catch, nevertheless, is that Faisal was ordered to multi-task; particularly by vomiting on the level of ejaculation. “When I was physically unable to vomit, the doctor suggested pairing the gay pornography with videos of people vomiting. He provided a pill, too, that made me vomit almost instantly. His idea was that I would come to relate same-sex attraction with vomit. Just to have this conversation now is making me feel sick. I feel like I am still traumatised.”

Faisal is likely one of the luckier ones. He escaped.

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