Red Velvet’s Wendy has shared tons of affection for her followers in a brand new Singles journal characteristic!

As the interview and pictorial happened final month, the primary subject of dialogue was GOT the beat’s comeback with “Stamp On It.” Wendy shared, “Finally, GOT the beat’s first mini album has been released. Last time, it was a shame we only released one song ‘Step Back,’ but we plan to clearly showcase GOT the beat’s identity through this album.”

In addition to title observe “Stamp On It,” the album’s b-sides talk about trusting your self and being accountable. For Wendy, she defined that her followers and workers members at all times assist her vanity with their infinite reward and help. On how she holds herself accountable consequently, Wendy shared, “My desire to do better for fans who fill up my self-esteem. This year, we’ve already rung in the 10th year since our debut. I often think, ‘How can they trust in us and like us all the same for this long?’ but I especially thought about and felt this a lot during our ‘Birthday‘ promotions last year. Every time our fans would say ‘Let’s be together for a long time in the future,’ it was a year where I repeatedly promised to work even harder.”

She elaborated on this, saying that Seulgi, who is similar age as Wendy, usually has this similar thought. Wendy continued, “Even while cool and talented junior artists continue to debut and show good images, we feel surprised and thankful that [fans] trust in and support us all the same.”

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Every evening, Wendy hosts her radio present “Young Street” and is pictured operating in direction of followers to greet them earlier than going into the studio, whatever the climate. When requested why she makes it a precedence to run in direction of followers like this, Wendy defined, “The fans there wait endlessly from at least 30 minutes to an hour for me to appear. When I arrive, I can go to fans only after taking press photos and doing this and that, but I feel bad that they waited for so long so I’m only thinking about getting there a little bit faster. Since the only time I can give them is barely five minutes, every second is precious.”

Wendy continued to specific her love for followers by describing what they imply to her. She commented, “In the past, I often said that they were ‘like friends, like family, and like my companion.’ However, I’m trying not to say that now. Because it feels like I’m giving them homework asking them to continue staying by my side. What I’ve often been saying to fans these days is ‘Always put yourself first, and leave us at around fourth or fifth.’”

Wendy elaborated, “When you’re exhausted or having a hard time, it’s okay if you leave our side for a moment because I want you to put your own hearts first. But when you need comfort, or are happy and want to be happier, if you seek us out we will always welcome you with open arms. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve liked Red Velvet or how much you like us. It’s enough to give us even the smallest amount of love. Because thanks to that, Red Velvet and Wendy can exist.”

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After Wendy joked that the brand new 12 months actually begins in February as a result of everyone seems to be busy adjusting in January, she shared her personal outlook on 2023. “As I welcomed 2023, the first digit of my age changed [by Korean reckoning],” Wendy shared. “I didn’t think anything major would change once I turned 30 but I do also think that I’ve had a subtle change of heart. I don’t know whether it’s the effect of age or whether I turned 30 when I started feeling this way.”

Wendy mirrored on 2022 being a 12 months of studying for her, particularly as a radio DJ the place she encountered and was impressed by many alternative artists. She defined that this 12 months, moderately than hoping to develop into an excellent cool Wendy, she desires to develop into smarter and extra mature. Wendy added, “Also, I occasionally hear that I suit spring well, so in this approaching spring, I’m preparing to meet fans with my warm and bright voice, just like the season.”

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As Wendy touched on earlier, Red Velvet is now of their tenth 12 months of promotions. Wendy shared that moderately than feeling completely happy, she nonetheless feels that they should work much more diligently. When requested how she thinks she’s going to reply when requested to look again on the previous decade 10 years from now, Wendy first hesitated on the tough and thought-provoking query. She then answered, “When I watch performances of seniors who have been active for many years and are still actively promoting now, I’m always amazed. And I also think of questions. ‘When I get to their level of seniority later, will I be cool all the same like this senior?’”

Wendy continued, “Just like I learn and feel inspired by my seniors, there would be nothing better than for junior artists to look at me and have these same thoughts 10 years from now. It’s not that I hope for major change from now. I hope that I can stay the same like the flow of water, which is also my lifelong dream.”

The full characteristic with Red Velvet’s Wendy is offered in Singles journal’s February situation!

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