She additionally obtained many compliments for her efficiency within the style.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi recently appeared on Jonathan‘s web show TheKstarNextDoor on YouTube to promote her first solo single, “28 Reasons.”

Jonathan (left) with Red Velvet’s Seulgi (proper) | 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

They mentioned all the things from the 4th generation idol group that caught her eye to fights with her Red Velvet members and even how she used to attempt to scold her fellow SM Entertainment trainees.

Jonathan additionally requested if Seulgi was considering performing after being in her first solo music video. Shyly, Seulgi replied that whereas filming “28 Reasons,” she obtained quite a lot of compliments, which made her think about the concept of performing extra critically.

He then requested, “If you were to act, what genre would you like to do?

Seulgi responded, “I think it suits the atmosphere a bit, suspense, horror, or noir. I think I like to get my face a little dirty. It’s not like I’ve done it so gorgeously with makeup all this time.” She was referring to how the idea of “28 Reasons” was quite a bit gritter than the acquainted songs of Red Velvet.

ReVeluvs would like to see actress Seulgi debut in no matter style sometime!

Watch Seulgi on Jonathan’s TheKstarNextDoor under! They talk about the potential of Seulgi pursuing performing on the 14:38 mark.

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