Ravi Dubey’s current put up about his one month bodily transformation with out dietary supplements or protein shakes took many abruptly. The actor began understanding final month as he needed to seem lean for a job. He was 10 kgs heavier than common as after contracting Covid-19, he was unable to exercise for an prolonged time period. So, with lower than 20 days to shoot, he started a rigorous regime. It included a 90-minute weight coaching within the morning, 10km jog within the night whilst he shot for 12-hours each day and was on a calorie deficit eating regimen.

“It was like tapasya. Due to many reasons, I couldn’t prioritise fitness and when the opportunity came to get into shape, I took on the challenge. I wanted it to be organic as physical transformation takes a toll on the body. I have never been fond of protein shakes as they make me sluggish and I don’t like the taste, so I got protein from my meals,” shares the Jamai Raja 2.0 actor.

Last December, Dubey had been on a loopy eating regimen and health regime to get into form however with dietary supplements and an extended time-frame. “Now, I know that I can achieve a body goal without torturing myself, with just pure discipline. This was tremendous experience which shocked many people. I feel one has to experience something to know that it is possible to achieve. I don’t mean just fitness but relationships, professional sphere, money, material stuff and even spiritualty,” says Dubey, admitting that his thoughts is his favorite a part of his physique!

Talking concerning the thought behind the put up, he explains, “When you have a breakthrough, your mind takes a big leap and that is a huge benefit. I didn’t put the post to boast about the transformation but to share that my priority was to shrink my frame in healthiest way with sheer discipline. Usually, people take shortcuts for results and don’t want to invest in hard work. I want to discourage people from leaning on supplements. I want to say that you can achieve a lot by having a clear head space and following a discipline.”

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