Warning: The following comprises SPOILERS for Titans season 4.The mid-season finale of Titans season 4 caused Rachel’s transformation into White Raven, when she regained her powers. This would counsel that Raven has undergone a serious improve and will have gained some new talents. However, the circumstances beneath which Rachel turned White Raven are drastically completely different from the unique comics and different Teen Titans diversifications.

The climax of Titans season 4, episode 6, “Brother Blood” discovered the Titans launching a daring raid on the Temple of Azarath, so as to rescue a captive Superboy, stop the rise of Trigon and restore Raven’s lost powers. After Beast Boy destroyed the crystal containing Raven’s energy, she underwent an incredible transformation, reappearing in a flash of sunshine sporting a white gown and cloak. When she joined the battle towards Mother Mayhem, Raven’s magic manifested as a glowing smoke moderately than as shadowy tendrils. While Raven was seemingly confused by the change in her powers, followers of the comics had been awaiting this second for the reason that starting of Titans.


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Why Raven Gets A New Costume In Titans Season 4

It isn’t instantly clear why Rachel become White Raven after regaining her powers in Titans season 4. The key might lie in a dialog that Rachel had with the Titans’ new sorceress Jinx, earlier in Titans season 4, episode 6, “Brother Blood.” Jinx mentioned there was no method Rachel may have misplaced her powers except part of her wished to lose them. Rachel admitted that was true and that she’d by no means actually had the prospect to have a traditional life, however that she’d found “being normal is a little overrated” and really did need her powers again.

It’s potential that Rachel viewing her powers as a blessing to be loved moderately than a curse to be endured might need facilitated her become White Raven. Conversely, it is potential that when the Church of Blood’s chief Mother Mayhem started tapping Raven’s energy for herself, Trigon’s affect handed into her, leaving Raven’s powers purified. In both case, this can be a radically completely different journey than the one which led to White Raven’s first look within the comics.

In the basic New Teen Titans comics the place she first appeared, Raven was educated from a younger age to keep away from sturdy feelings. This helped her to grasp her empathic talents and resist the darkish affect of her father, the demon lord Trigon, whom Raven was prophesied to play a job in serving to conquer the Earth. Trigon got here to Earth through the first story arc of 1984’s New Teen Titans Vol.2, the place Raven seemingly sacrificed herself to banish the demon lord Trigon as soon as and for all.

Thankfully, Raven was reborn after her father’s demise, now sporting white robes and possessing the ability to affect feelings moderately than merely studying them. She was additionally ready to attract upon her unique powers extra absolutely, now that she didn’t have to concern falling to her father’s affect. This enhance in energy got here at a price, nonetheless, as Raven turned extra simply exhausted from utilizing her new talents, not getting used to experiencing sturdy feelings instantly after repressing herself for thus a few years.

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Is White Raven More Powerful Than Regular Raven?

Titans Season 4 Starfire and Raven Fight Mother Mayhem

This raises the query of whether or not Titans White Raven is extra highly effective than her unique kind, like within the comics. It is tough to gauge based mostly off of the battle in Titans‘ season 4 mid-season finale, as Mother Mayhem was capable of maintain again the ability of White Raven and Starfire, who had been confirmed as tapping over 80% of her estimated kinetic output. It must be famous, nonetheless, that Raven was beneath nice emotional duress, not solely from the shock of regaining her powers, but in addition from seeing Jinx killed by Mother Mayhem. Given that, it appears possible Raven was not expending her full energy.

Are Raven’s Dark Powers Gone For Good?

Titans season 4 Raven Trigon season 1

Rachel’s transformation into White Raven additionally raises the query of if her demonic powers are gone for good and if Trigon nonetheless holds any affect over her. Raven’s transformation into White Raven within the comics was sadly non permanent, with Raven being overwhelmed by evil souls looking for to resurrect Trigon. While Raven’s good facet in the end received out, resulting in her spending a while as a Golden Spirit, she was later restored to life by the new Brother Blood and reborn in a youthful bodily physique, which manifested her basic black and blue costume and soul-self.

Presuming that the Trigon essence contained in her gem had been absorbed by Mother Mayhem as a way of remodeling Sebastian Sanger into Brother Blood, it’s potential that Rachel Roth’s transformation into White Raven might be everlasting. On the opposite hand, it is potential that very same facet of Trigon is likely to be freed as soon as Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem are defeated, except Rachel takes it upon herself to include that a part of her father’s energy to stop it from falling into evil arms as soon as once more. This may arrange a bittersweet ending to Rachel’s story, as she condemns herself to dwell in darkness for the great of the world.

How White Raven Completes Rachel’s Titans Story

Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth Raven in Titans and White Raven

While the story of Raven has been repeatedly tailored and retold in a number of comics, novels and tv collection, one level has remained fixed. Raven’s story is predicated across the corrupting affect of energy and the battle to stay true to herself within the face of temptation. Even when she was freed from Trigon and capable of construct a traditional life for herself, Raven nonetheless fought to maintain her powers beneath management. She additionally needed to battle to maintain from being overwhelmed by her personal feelings, discovering a stability between her legacy as a toddler of Trigon and her mortality.

Related: Starfire’s Titans Season 4 Story Calls Out A Huge Trigon ProblemWhile the concept of White Raven being Raven’s idealized ultimate kind was born of the Teen Titans animated collection moderately than the comics, it appears possible that Raven’s transformation in Titans season 4 will maintain an analogous significance. The collection has already drawn upon a number of Teen Titans media, having equally tailored the Azarath Metrion Zinthos chant from Teen Titans. Given that and the truth that Titans season 4 is likely to be the collection’ final, it appears possible the present’s writers have launched White Raven because the capstone to Rachel Roth’s heroic journey.

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