Ranveer Singh’s nude pictures for Paper journal dropped on the web every week in the past and followers are nonetheless attempting to get well from the barrage of memes and thirsty feedback that adopted. The marketing campaign’s artistic director Kshitij Kankaria just lately revealed that the shoot was carried out in secret and the images have been by no means exchanged through electronic mail for the worry of leaks or hacks.

Kshitij shared with Brut India, “So, we would never send emails and send these images on the internet. It was always with the pen drive, very secretly taken to a printing lab, developing lab and then you have to delete everything from there and take it back. Something like this can really go wrong so we were really, really careful.”

Kshitij instructed the publication that whereas the shoot was an ode to Hollywood actor Burt Reynolds, the idea was additionally impressed by the sculptures of Michelangelo and historic Roman artwork. Speaking concerning the day of the shoot, Kshitij recalled that Ranveer introduced in his personal playlist to play on set, and made it some extent that the crew was comfy.

“He created this crazy playlist to play on the set, he was playing it loud with his own speakers, and he was talking to everyone. And I think he could see we were a little nervous so he was just making everything really easy for all of us to just be in our own element,” he recalled.

Kshitij remembered that Ranveer’s “eyes were constantly at the camera.” “You see his face and it’s taking away everything from that photo though the photo has so much more. He’s like ‘Come on, let’s do this. let’s try this’,” he shared.

Photographer Ashish Shah, who shot the collection of pictures, earlier instructed ETimes, “Ranveer was not shy or conscious. He performed very well. There was big and healthy mutual respect for each other.”

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