The Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerji-starrer Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was probably the most profitable movies of 1998, however a re-evaluation lately has been far much less beneficial. A brand new technology of viewers has identified the issues in its depiction of womanhood, and the sexist nature of Shah Rukh’s character, Rahul.

In the movie, Rahul leaves the tomboy-ish Anjali, performed by Kajol, for the extra glamorous Tina (Rani). But Rahul will get again with Anjali after she embraces the socially accepted thought of femininity and begins sporting sarees. During a latest interplay with, Rani mentioned that she would at all times defend Rahul for following his coronary heart.


“Falling in love is something very subjective to each person and we can’t judge a person for their choices because, at the end of the day, it’s your heart. You can’t direct your heart to do things that a particular person would feel is morally right or morally wrong. What might come across right to you might be wrong for the other person. I think considering all the flaws that we all are living with, we should not sit and judge others for what they are doing,” Rani mentioned.

Rani additionally described Tina as greater than only a fairly face. She mentioned, “She was someone who was very hard to get for him (Rahul) which resulted in him having the curiosity to go more after her. The fact that she sang ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’ on the college campus while he thought that she’s born and brought up in London… The fact that she is so deeply rooted to her culture and that she’s so grounded – those and a lot of other things probably attracted Rahul to Tina as a person as well.”

The actor went on to say, “I won’t categorise it as ‘he went for someone who looked great and not for Anjali who was more of a tomboy.’ I won’t make it as frivolous as that. I would say that there was a lot of depth to Tina’s character for someone like Rahul to have fallen for her… Because, at the end of it all, it was Tina who understood the love that Rahul and Anjali had for each other. She, in turn, makes her daughter reunite the two of them. You know there that Tina had a lot of depth along with being a good-looking girl.”

Rani was not too long ago seen in Bunty Aur Babli 2, with Saif Ali Khan, Sharvari Wagh and Siddhanth Chaturvedi. The movie is a sequel to the 2005 hit, which featured Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan.

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