Rakhi Sawant makes critical revelations in opposition to Adil Khan Durrani; says, “Mujhe fridge mein nahi jaana hai”

Rakhi Sawant who has been having some turbulence in her private life lately made some critical allegations in opposition to her husband Adil Khan Durrani. She was noticed outdoors her health club the place she talked to the media about Adil’s girlfriend inflicting havoc in her married life. She additionally requested the paps to not cowl Adil as he’s utilizing her for fame.

Rakhi mentioned, “Through you all, I’d like to warn the girl in Adil’s life who took advantage when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4. I won’t take her name but when the time is right, I will show all the photos and videos.”

When requested why Adil made her stay silent about their marriage, she mentioned, “Adil made me remain silent about our marriage for 8 months because of his affair. He said, ‘Tum meri bhagwan ho, khuda ho, Allah ke baad tum ho.’ Nahi. Don’t compare me to them, I am made of dust will be reduced to it after I die. Mujhe biwi banna hai, bachon ki maa banna hai, mein ek insaan banna chahti hun. I want to say that I won’t share anything yet. I was silent till now. He denied our marriage because of that girl. Then later because of fans and media, he got scared and accepted our marriage. I don’t want to become a stair for others. So don’t use me to move ahead in life.”

Rakhi added, “Ek aurat aurat ka ghar tod rahi hai. Aadmi toh hota hi kutta hai. Tum jaoge toh karega hi. Tum ek shaadi shuda aurat ki zindagi kharab kar rahi ho. You should thank me for not taking your name or making your videos viral,” she cried.

Rakhi additionally mentioned she is keen to forgive him if he returns house. She mentioned, “Agar mein palke jhuka ke bardasht karna jaanti hun, toh aankh utha ke apne swabhimaan aur marriage ke liye ladhna bhi jaanti hun. I am warning you, I will expose you. Adil, leave that girl. Subah ka bhula shaam ko ghar pe aa jaye use bhoola nahi kehte. Don’t think I will remain silent like other girls. If you threaten me, I won’t tolerate it. I had thought I’d do 30 rozas, will go for umrah and live a nice married life.”

Rakhi shared, “You (Adil) had said that in Islam all the issues should be discussed behind closed doors. I have done that but you are not understanding me. Tumhari ladki mujhe dhamkiyan de rahi hai (Your girl is threatening me). I have a record of it. I won’t disclose her name. She should get out of his life. God will take revenge for my tears. I have just buried my mother. Adil, sudhar jao. I want to tell the girl that someone who is not loyal to his wife will never be loyal to others.”

Hinting at Aftab Poonawala and Shraddha Walkar case, Rakhi mentioned, “Kehte ho na media mein kyun aati ho, baat ghar pe hi rakho. Ghar pe reh ke na mujhe fridge mein nahi jaana hai. I will fight for my rights as a married woman. Adil supports that girl and so she tells me confidently that he will leave me and marry her. That’s why he asked me to hide marriage. I gave him 10 chances.”

Rakhi concluded by saying that she is chatting with the media to get justice. Addressing Adil, she mentioned, “Tum kohinoor chod ke kachre ke paas gaye ho.”

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