Rajniesh Duggal had been busy taking pictures for every day cleaning soap Sanjog for the final three months, however the present went off air abruptly. The actor, who performed one of many lead characters within the present, admits he wasn’t ready for this to occur.

“I did feel a little sad and shocked, but one needs to take things like these with a pinch of salt and move ahead in life,” he continues, “We can only give the best performance we are capable of as actors. It was entirely the producer and the channel’s decision. The main cast wasn’t prepared for a leap if there was to be one. But what I’m assuming is that it was the channel’s call — something we learned. Everything else apart, doing a daily soap was a good experience.”

For any actor, working in a every day cleaning soap takes up most of their time, and doesn’t give them the freedom to signal every other undertaking in between. Asked if this sudden determination affected his subsequent work, Duggal shares, “I did leave a lot of things that were coming my way. I could not even look at them because you could not assume that your date is free. But luckily I had finished three to four projects before getting into this [show]. Also, I was in talks for a couple of projects. But the minute I got to know about Sanjog going off the air, I quickly took them on. I have started shooting and things are fine.”

That being stated, such incidents don’t make the 1920 actor insecure, however he mentions that “it does become a little odd because it’s in someone else’s hand. You feel you are stranded for a bit but you have to quickly move on to the next”.

And that is one thing Duggal says he has learnt through the years that he has spent within the leisure trade. “Instead of sitting on one thing and regretting ki, ‘Arrey yaar, ye kya ho gaya’ and procrastinating, it’s best to quickly move forward. And good, bad, ugly… whatever it was, you have already given your best. You can’t be stuck to it. I believe inactivity is fatal. It’s better to be moving forward.”

There’s another necessary factor that this he learnt with this present going off air abruptly. “Now, before signing a project, I would need confirmation about whether the series is finite or infinite. If it’s latter, I would need a contract of sorts for at least a year or two,” concludes the actor who has labored throughout mediums — in movies, OTT and tv.

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