When it involves Rajkummar Rao’s filmography, it displays a mixture of large display outings and OTT releases, and the actor admits that’s an indication of gorgeous coexistence of the platforms, admitting that there are not any indicators of competing between the 2.

“It’s a great time to tell stories because now you have so many platforms. Of course, theatres will always be there. But what the OTT platforms have done is that they have created so many opportunities for so many people who were not getting the kind of work that they deserve,” Rao tells us.

Citing instance of how within the latest instances, expertise has come out by means of content material on net platforms, the actor feels it’s a good way of telling tales.

“I’m just happy because there are so many of my friends, who were immensely talented but were not getting enough work. But through these platforms, they are getting to show their talents through different stories and different characters,” provides the 38-year-old.

Since the pandemic, there have been debates round whether or not the net platform is a risk to the massive display, which reignited not too long ago when some main movies with large stars did not elicit anticipated response. For Rao, there isn’t a query of competitors and comparability between the 2.

“They will definitely coexist. OTT will be a parallel industry. It will just inspire each other. I don’t see any kind of competition between the two. People love watching films, and also web projects, So, it will definitely beautifully coexist. We just need to inspire each other to push each other, and to sell better stories,” shares the actor, who can be seen within the function of a younger man making an attempt to make it large in black comedy, Monica, O My Darling.

The Netflix movie directed by Vasan Bala will carry ahead an ideal plan which brings mayhem within the lives of the individuals who laid it out, touching upon themes of lust, blackmail, betrayal, and whodunnit.

Opening up about his function, the actor shares, “He is like many of us. He comes from a small town and has got aspirations. He is a very driven guy who wants to achieve so much in life. Sometimes you get trapped in the chaos of the big city, and have to figure a way out of it”.

The Hit: The First Case actor admits he may relate to his onscreen character in some ways. “I am also somebody who came from a small town to a big city in Mumbai with a desire to make my dream come true,” he concludes.

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